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the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones

very tender and very nutritious tissue from marrowbones

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In mice without grafts, few bone marrow cells were used to repair the wound.
If confirmed, the research might also help scientists find a way to prevent bone marrow cells from invading or to identify markers that would allow an earlier diagnosis for Barrett's esophagus, which is usually asymptomatic.
Allogeneic mesenchymal bone marrow cells are obtained from donors by extracting bone marrow and are expanded at Stemedica's cGMP compliant facility, which is licensed by the California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch.
Among the patients with LVEF of less than 49%, treatment with bone marrow cells led to an average 7.
Tests have shown a significant increase in the synthesis activity of ribonucleic acid, a function of the liver, leading researchers to conclude that the bone marrow cells were transforming into liver cells, they said.
When performing radiation treatment or chemotherapy to treat cancer or leukemia, these bone marrow cells are killed and need to be replaced by transplants if the patient is to survive," notes Charles A.
The next step was to try the experiments in primates -- induce some of the animals' bone marrow cells to take up the ADA gene and then put the cells back into the animals.
is an emerging company developing adult stem cell therapeutic products, derived from autologous (self) bone marrow cells, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
London, February 27 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that bone marrow cells that produce brain-derived eurotrophic factor (BDNF), known to affect regulation of food intake, travel to part of the hypothalamus in the brain where they "fine-tune" appetite.
Chemotherapy killed off his own bone marrow cells and Jaydon was then brought to the hospital, with 30% of his bone marrow transplanted into Shane.
The high doses of chemotherapy previously used for this purpose meant children often suffered irreversible damage to other organs but because CD45 is specific to blood and bone marrow cells, it targets only those areas where space needs to be made.
Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") to discuss a proposed IND to use Stemedica's proprietary line of allogeneic mesenchymal bone marrow cells (adult human) as a treatment for ischemic stroke.
Richard Burt of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine and colleagues said the process, which involves injecting people with stem cells made from their own bone marrow cells, appears to have a lasting effect, Reuters reported.
Although tumors are known to generate proteins that do the job, researchers have recently implicated bone marrow cells in the process too.
Transplanting autologous bone marrow cells into the coronary arteries of patients following a myocardial infarction was safe and boosted left ventricular function in a controlled study with 60 patients.