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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Where macrocytosis remains unexplained after all appropriate tests -- including a bone marrow biopsy -- have been performed, we believe this could be an early sign of MDS.
Among the 84 patients having a bone marrow biopsy, we observed that nodular pattern of plasma cell infiltration was the predominant pattern with 38.1% cases.
Bone marrow biopsy was done in these cases which was highly suggestive of polycythaemia Vera.
Bone marrow biopsy revealed a normocellular bone marrow with trilineage hematopoiesis with no excess blasts but was significant for infiltrating plasma cells.
This histopathological diagnosis was first made based upon the findings of bone marrow biopsy, in which the immunohistochemistry (IHC) played a pivotal role in recognition of tumor cells of thymic origin as well as in differentiating them from other tumors demonstrating similar morphology.
Comparative evaluation of simulatenous bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy: an institutional experience.
Because of the difficulty in obtaining bone marrow aspirate in these fibrotic bone marrows, definitive diagnosis of AML often relies upon immunohistochemical assessment of bone marrow biopsy sections to estimate the number of blasts and myeloid expression by them.
The value of bone marrow biopsy is irreplaceable in diagnosing the cause of pancytopenia.
(5) This supports the argument that where the history, clinical examination and laboratory findings are compatible with the diagnosis of ITP, a bone marrow biopsy is unnecessary.
Bone marrow biopsy may reveal dysplastic changes, but not a Dx
"Eventually a bone marrow biopsy aspiration was performed and they found her bone marrow was completely empty."
'By May I should be having some scans and a bone marrow biopsy to see what levels of cancer, if any, remain in my body.
A bone marrow biopsy showed hypercellularity and 15% lymphoid cells with plasmocytoid features.
The systemic work-up included a bone marrow biopsy examination for staging, and it revealed no evidence of a lymphoma.