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the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones

very tender and very nutritious tissue from marrowbones

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Comparative evaluation of simultaneous bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy: an institutional experience.
In conclusion, when pancytopenia occurs in patients with RA who are using several prescription drugs for their treatment regimen, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy findings can be used diagnostically to identify the causative agent.
Although bone marrow aspiration was performed to rule out storage disease, pronounced hemophagocytosis was noted.
Bone marrow aspiration (Figure 1) and biopsy were performed because of refractory thrombocytopenia and the presence of young blood cells on the peripheral blood smears.
Beyond intracoronary infusion of autologous bone marrow mononuclear CD34+ cells (MNCCD34+), mobilization of stem cells by granulocyte colony-simulating factor (G-CSF) has recently attracted attention because of advantages such as the noninvasive nature of MNCCD34+ mobilization by subcutaneous injections; moreover, bone marrow aspiration and preparation is not required (potentially difficult in acute patients), and repeat catheterization with intracoronary infusion is avoided.
Q: We sometimes receive bone marrow films from a doctor's office the day after a bone marrow aspiration was performed.
Hypodermic needle caliber g: 23 x 1 "material: stainless steel; condition: sterile, disposable and pyrogen free; tip: tribicelada and siliconized;,needle for biopsy and bone marrow aspiration, free: adult; condition: barren; use: adult,needle lock medulla, 25-gauge x 3 1/2; whore type pencil (witacre) and siliconized; condition sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, or mandrel stiletto includes,pediatricas transfer bag 150 ml for transfer of blood component, sterile, individually packaged, bondable label for specifications in spanish language with port to receive inyector,urine collection bag material: pvc; use: bed; condition: sterile, disposable, latex-free; capacity: 500-900 milliliters; etc.
Bone marrow aspiration showed hypercellularity, with 45% myeloblasts, 15% promyelocytes, 7% myelocytes, 4% metamyelocytes, 1% eosinophils, 2% neutrophils, 15% lymphocytes, and 11% normoblasts.
The treatment was at a beautiful surgical center in Florida with board certified physicians including anesthesiologists, an orthopedic surgeon for the bone marrow aspiration, and our fellowship trained, highly experienced retinal surgeon for the carefully placed injections.
Hypnosis was compared with nonhypnotic behavioral techniques for efficacy in reducing pain and anxiety in 27 children and adolescents during bone marrow aspiration and in 22 children and adolescents during lumbar puncture.
Evaluation of bone marrow aspiration revealed normal cellular distribution and maturation, but an increased number of megakaryocytes.
Bone marrow aspiration was negative for myeloma on two occasions.
However, the lymph nodes continued to enlarge, and diagnostic excision and bone marrow aspiration were performed to exclude a neoplastic process.
Our work-up included laboratory tests, radiographic examinations, analysis of bone marrow aspiration, and histopathologic evaluations.