aplastic anemia

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anemia characterized by pancytopenia resulting from failure of the bone marrow

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Patients had pancytopenia and bone marrow aplasia. The majority of patients had mixed or their own hematopoiesis, and in some cases, molecular chimerism could not be determined due to the extremely scarce number of cells in the bone marrow sample.
Bone marrow aplasia is the most significant illness, and occurred with relative frequency.
However, HAAA progresses rapidly and is usually fatal if untreated; that is, the mean survival rate of progressed severe bone marrow aplasia is 2 months, and the fatality rate ranges from 78% to 88% [29-31].
Sheehan's syndrome with complete bone marrow aplasia: long-term results of substitution therapy with hormones.
Viral infections cause transient bone marrow aplasia or selective erythroid aplasia.
Its use, however, is associated with haematological toxicity particularly bone marrow aplasia leading to varying degrees of cytopenias especially anaemia in some patients.