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abnormal loss of bony tissue resulting in fragile porous bones attributable to a lack of calcium

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"Fractures are a major societal burden affecting 1 in 2 older women, due to a variety of risk factors that lead to bone loss. We found that high social stress is one risk factor that increases bone loss in aging women," lead researcher Shawna Follis from the University of Arizona in Tucson told (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-social-stress-bones/social-stress-tied-to-lower-bone-density-after-menopause-idUSKCN1UV26B) Reuters.
"The fact that we have been able to show that treatment with probiotics can affect bone loss represents a paradigm shift.
Alveolar bone loss, both horizontal and vertical, has been observed in different studies but horizontal loss is more common than vertical loss12.
This is often described as "bone loss" or "bone thinning".
Anterior shoulder dislocations not only lead to soft tissue injuries such as labrum, joint capsule and rotator cuff tears, but also sometimes to glenoid cavity bone losses. In particular, in patients presenting with chronic recurrent dislocation, there is a higher possibility of bone loss.
"Our work is the first step on the path to identifying the cellular mechanisms of systemic bone loss."
According to the results of the study, which were published in June in the Journal of Internal Medicine, the bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri reduced bone loss in older women diagnosed with low bone mineral density.
The subjects in the placebo group suffered significant bone loss over the study period in contrast to the subjects treated with the three probiotic strains, who were protected against bone loss.
"The long term consequences of this substantial bone loss are unclear but it might put them at increased risk of fracture or breaking a bone," said Elaine Yu, endocrinologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston in the US."
Zeeshan Sheikh, said that Pathological bone loss is a regular feature of postmenopausal osteoporosis owing to the negative bone balance due to increased bone tissue turnover and retrospective activity which is much greater than the natural bone formation.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-November 20, 2017-BioGaia AB reports on study that shows Lactobacillus reuteri reduces bone loss in older women
ISLAMABAD -- Regarded as the most effective treatment for severe obesity, bariatric surgery may lead to bone loss for at least two years even after the body weight stabilises, said a study.
At the time of this review, no published information was found comparing the rate of bone loss in furcation sites to the interproximal sites of the same tooth.