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an inflammation of bone and bone marrow (usually caused by bacterial infection)

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After a thorough literature search, only a few articles have been published regarding a possible connection between low calcium and vitamin D deficiency with the development of bone infections [7, 8].
He added: "The problems I found on ward rounds included trauma and fractures that were simply left untreated due to a lack of local expertise but also post-operative patients with deep bone infections needing further salvage surgery, and amputees who'd lost arms and legs from industrial accidents and snake bites who needed a re-do amputation to salvage any function.
In immunocompromised patients, it is important that the treatment of otomycosis be prompt and vigorous, to minimize the likelihood of hearing loss and invasive temporal bone infection.
He suffers from a bone infection called Osteomyelitis and relatives claim he is not getting the medical attention he needs while in prison.
The final three chapters discuss advanced biomaterials and technologies, including bioreactors and synthetic scaffolds for orthopedic tissues engineering and polymer controlled release systems for management of bone infection.
"When this fellow won on his debut at Navan in November 2004, he got a cut, which led to a splint bone infection. He had to have a piece of the bone removed and then last year he had to have another piece taken out."
They tried to save his leg, but in the end a bone infection set in and his right leg had to be amputated above the knee in order to save his life.
What started out as a sprained ankle developed into a bone infection which has caused him a great deal of pain and meant having to use a wheelchair.
I might have attempted splinting the leg myself except for the severity of the break and the risk of bone infection from the bone coming through the skin.
Leaving them in could also lead to a bone infection in the jaw or even septicaemia.
The condition occurs most often as a consequence of prolonged bone infection rather than a kidney infection.
MRI revealed a bone infection called osteomyelitis in Bob's third and fourth vertebrae.
Hunt found a second positive effect that seems to explain hyperbaric oxygen's benefit in recalcitrant infections--such as cases of osteomyelitis, a bone infection, that have not responded to antibiotic therapy.
Since having his right leg amputated below the knee in 2013 following a bone infection, the 72-yearold retired accountant had been provided with five prosthetic legs but claimed none fitted properly.
St Mirren hope Ryan Flynn will shake off a knock with Anders Dreyer (knee), Danny Rogers (knee) and Greg Tansey (bone infection) remaining out.