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an inflammation of bone and bone marrow (usually caused by bacterial infection)

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Duration of six months of therapy is recommended to treat bone infections due to NTM.
But he has a bone infection and is going to have to have plates removed.
Temporal bone infection caused by atypical mycobacterium: Case report and review of the literature.
5) The main problem associated with chronic bone infection is the capacity of the microorganisms to remain in necrotic bone tissue for long periods, especially in tissues that has not undergone adequate surgical debridement.
This anatomical detail is necessary to distinguish soft-tissue infection from bone infection.
When treating a serious infection, such as a bone infection or pneumonia, due to this bacterium we now must start with antibiotics previously reserved for hospital- acquired infections.
Janet fears her bone infection will eventually cause her to lose the leg completely But she is about to go under the knife once more at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust in a bid to save it.
2,10) The differential diagnosis includes both benign and malignant osteolytic neoplasms such as metastasis, primary bone neoplasms, hemangioma, aneurysmal bone cyst, eosinophilic granuloma, fibrosarcoma, epidermoid cyst, and bone infection.
Mrs Elizabeth Corbett, originally from Zimbabwe, is one of Mr Morgan-Jones' patients who recently underwent a revision knee replacement for her bone infection at Spire Cardiff Hospital.
A case of epidural empyema, frontal bone infection and subcutaneous cellulitis caused by Aspergillus fumigatus and occurring 2 months after a frontal craniotomy performed after trauma is reported in the literature (18).
An alternative antibiotic was started following discussion with the specialist bone infection unit.
Table 3 presents the incidence for the four categories of bone infection by period with sexes pooled.
But it was a bone infection suffered during a routine operation that left him in constant pain and on a drip for more than six months.
Sculthorpe spent much of this year in and out of hospital after contracting a serious bone infection during a routine back operation, although he is now on the road to recovery.
2 mg/dL or greater and/or an erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) of at least 30 mm/hr warrants further work-up, including hip ultrasound and aspiration, in order to exclude joint or bone infection, Dr.