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a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e

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As one adds bone glue to the AC 5 sample, these same characteristic C-H vibrational modes of the asphalt composite are still present in the IR spectrum.
To determine the possible influence of a covering on the conductivity of metals, we covered metal conductors with bone glue, which were used by carpenters over the past century for gluing wood.
To the technically minded I now have 5 titanium screws holding me together between L1 and L5, all bonded with 'bone glue' !
The artist produces his own paints, using ingredients that have included, as the artist has noted, "chalk, antifouling"--whatever that is--"copper paint, linseed oil, iron chloride, turpentine oil, water, and tea," plus ground pigments and bone glue. The colors of these homemade paints tend toward the deep and tertiary, and the textures are sometimes gritty, crumbly, or gummy.
DGB is a byproduct of bone glue industries where glue is extracted from crushed cattle bones.