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The objective of this study, titled "Plitidepsin regulates viability and function of myeloma cells and bone cells in combination with other anti-MM drugs" (#3065), was to determine the effect of plitidepsin, as a single agent or in combination with other compounds, on bone cells (osteocytes, in charge of maintaining the bone once formed; osteoblasts, responsible for bone growth; and osteoclasts, that destroy old bone, so that the osteoblasts can generate new bone).
To test the premise, investigators placed stem cells at their normal volume in a hardened hydrogel substrate to simulate the rigidness of bone cells.
They then used human stem cells derived from bone marrow that would normally become bone cells to test the effects of the nanoparticles on stem cell proliferation and differentiation.
They chose the cancer cells because the cells are particularly hardy, and also reproduce the same way healthy bone cells do.
Implants and biomedical devices have gradually become more advanced, using refined designs such as varying roughness to control how bone cells (osteoblasts) grow and attach to an implant.
When traditional implants are fixed into bone marrow, the marrow's stem cells do not receive messages from the body to differentiate into bone cells, which would help create a stronger bond between the implant and the bone.
Stem cells are cells that can grow into any type of cell in the body--even muscle or bone cells.
Artificial grafts offer an easier and less risky process, providing an artificial scaffold on which bone cells can grow.
The role of bone has not been fully elucidated, but changes in bone seem to be secondary to alterations in articular cartilage, which change the mechanical environment of the bone cells and induce them, in turn, to modulate tissue structure.
Tests carried on immature foetal bone cells in the laboratory found that new bone cells started growing over the scaffold within the first week of it being attached.
right arrow] These devices send waves to penetrate the bone marrow to produce immature bone cells and cartilage cells.
A study of the process by which bone cells produce new bone in response to stresses, such as exercise, may lead to new bone disease-fighting treatments in adults and children, according to researchers.
Changing up your usual routine can help trigger new bone cells to grow.
Both osteopenia and osteoporosis represent a continuum in the process of bone loss that occurs in all women after menopause (and also in many older men) as bone cells are reabsorbed by the body faster than new bone is made.
Blocking "We are also first to show blocking this protein may have direct beneficial effects on bone cells in certain bone diseases.