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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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Arctic Paper SA (WSE: ATC), a manufacturer of offset and graphical papers, on Tuesday announced that the meeting of the bondholders of series A bonds, issued by the company (the bonds), who acceded to the Intercreditor agreement on 9 September 2016 (the ICA bondholders), took place on 20 February 2018.
After such a deal was approved by Israeli bondholders, the Series A bondholders would withdraw their appeal for the immediate repayment of the whole outstanding debt.
The resolution handed to the President included a demand for the implementation of his pledge to compensate all bondholders, as well as his own instructions of September 9, 2014, to "compensate each bondholder who bought bank securities from the primary market with e1/4100,000, irrespective of the haircut on any deposits, and issue interest-bearing, medium-term government bonds for the balance".
In mid-April, National Bonds announced the restructuring of its rewards program to give away attractive prizes to bondholders on a daily and weekly basis.
People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said it was farcical that bondholders were being paid for information on how to deal with the banking crisis.
Shareholders were often required to suffer losses or were even wiped out, but bondholders were generally saved by the government's infusion of cash.
Bondholders who have savings of AED 25,000 and above by end December 2009, will be eligible for the Grand Super Saver draw that offers an impressive package of a fully furnished two bedroom apartment and a Mercedes Benz S350 L plus the opportunity to win AED 1 million and other 100 prizes.
African Copper Plc (TSX: ACU)(AIM:ACU)(BOTSWANA:AFRICAN COPPER), a UK-based company that explores and develops copper deposits in the Republic of Botswana, has announced a proposed debt and equity subscription by Natasa Mining Limited (Natasa) and a debt for equity swap with the company's bondholders (bondholders) and certain major creditors.
But a committee representing thousands of GM bondholders has resisted those terms as both unfair and uncertain to succeed in keeping the struggling automaker out of bankruptcy.
Germany has NEVER honored its obligations to pay on the bonds, as per the terms of the bonds and the post World War II treaties, they owe us the money," said Ronnie Fulwood, a Florida bondholder who is leading the International effort.
Bondholders, who were owed pounds 216m, last month rejected a deal which left them with 8pc of the group's capital.
It was a "run on the bank," created by bondholders demanding payment from the co-op, that precipitated Farmland Industries' bankruptcy filing in 2002.
Telewest Communications - the smaller of the UK's two cable groups - yesterday admitted it will have to sit down with its bondholders to rework a pounds 3.
For example, if the IRS determines that a $50,000,000 series of bonds with a 5-percent coupon does not qualify as tax-exempt, its opening offer to settle the case without taxing the bondholders would be for the conduit borrower to pay more than $2 million plus interest and redeem the bonds (thereby causing the loss of lower-rate financing).