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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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To find out if you have an unclaimed prize, write to NS&I, Glasgow, G58 1SB, with your personal details and any information you have about your account -- such as your bond-holder's number and account number.
"In practice, bond-holders routinely reinvested their money at the end of the fixed period, and some bond-holders carried on doing this for 20-plus years."
We have been able to offer our bond-holders attractive prizes as well as compound annual returns averaging 57 per cent between 2006 and 2013," Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO of National Bonds Corporation, said.
The initiative saw NBC giving away 515,223 prizes totaling AED 49 million from the company's own funds (the Mudareb) as daily, weekly, monthly, and annual dividends to bond-holders.
That interest was then used to Sue and above, Dunn, top make repayments to the bond-holders and any surplus was profit for the company.
*The bond-holders, who are now led by the hedge fund Aurelius Capital Management, would get the opportunity to sue many more entities under its plan than under the Oaktree/Angelo Gordon plan.
A special draw in December and another one next June will each offer Britain's 23million bond-holders FIVE chances to win a million instead of the usual two - a total of six extra chances to become a Premium Bond millionaire.
Their other hope is that they win time from the American bond-holders --owed pounds 60 million --and that they will release pounds 4.1 million paid as security for the loan.
TROUBLED Elan Pharmaceutical won more breathing space yesterday when some of their bond-holders agreed waivers preventing them from demanding immediate repayment of some of the company's debt.
More than 2,150 bond-holders could be involved in the action, while up to 900 have already expressed interest in litigation.
Years later, when the bond-holders are ready to enter the home market, the bonds can be redeemed at interest-inflated maturation -- but used only to buy a first house, he adds.
In other Tribune news, company bond-holders have asked Carey for permission to look more into the 2007 deal that took Tribune from a private company into its current hybrid ownership, which includes a controlling stake by real estate mogul Sam Zell as well as an employee stock-ownership plan.
Leeds' other hope is that they are given some vital breathing space by the American bond-holders to whom the club owe pounds 60m and that they will release pounds 4.1m which they originally paid as security for the loan.
It found that the group of bond-holders with the first name Rebecca produced a higher proportion of winners than any other groups of women or men with other first names.
The initial offering has been underwritten by French bank Dexia, and its structure means bond-holders are guaranteed a return above the rate of inflation for the scheme's full 15-year period.