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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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Speaking at the launch of the 25th Bond movie this week, he said the suave secret agent - traditionally a womaniser - will be portrayed with an eye on changing attitudes.
The post Director Danny Boyle exits latest James Bond movie, producers say appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Bosses at Eon Productions are refusing to comment on talks with Beyonce, but a senior executive at Hollywood studio MGM, which distributes every James Bond movie, said: "Daniel Craig's decision this month to return as Bond has thrown everything into overdrive.
One of the company's founders is Nelson Tyler, who created the jetpack worn by Sean Connery in Bond movie Thunderball back in 1965.
11DAME JUDI DENCH'S M might have died at the end of Skyfall but her death didn't mark her last appearance in a Bond movie. Look out for her cameo at the beginning of Spectre.
NEW YORK - The latest James Bond movie "Spectre" is breaking records at the British box office, Sony Pictures Entertainment said on Wednesday.
Actor Daniel Craig has revealed how he got a top director to take on the new Bond movie - by badgering him while drunk at a party.
When asked whether he could imagine doing another Bond movie, he said: "Now?
MOVIE fans may be shaken - not stirred - to hear London will host the world premiere of the next James Bond movie, Spectre.
Summary: Skyfall director Sam Mendes has said he would consider directing another Bond movie after winning Outstanding British Film at the BAFTAs.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- After seeing ystanbul feature in the opening sequence of the latest James Bond movie, one Turkish trade group is betting that it will be perfect for a film of a more mellow variety, and has pledged to finance a love story centered on the city.
But the 23rd Bond movie failed to topple the record set by Harry Potter, with 007 scoring the second biggest Friday-to-Sunday opening weekend in UK history.
I remember as a child coming across my first Bond movie, Octopussy.
A watch worn by Daniel Craig in the upcoming James Bond movie 'Skyfall' has been sold for more than $250,000 at a Christie's auction.