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Synonyms for indenture

a concave cut into a surface or edge (as in a coastline)

formal agreement between the issuer of bonds and the bondholders as to terms of the debt

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a contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified term

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the space left between the margin and the start of an indented line

bind by or as if by indentures, as of an apprentice or servant


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"exempt bond indentures from section 316(b) if they (1) provide for
Being wary of this possible loss in bond values, bondholders often require that a protective covenant be included in the bond indenture explicitly restricting the sale and lease-back transaction on particular assets of the borrowing firm.
That is, public bondholders do not just break even, but actually gain when the company seeks an amendment to their bond indenture.(82)
The presence of ERCs in a bond indenture, on the other hand, may lead to higher agency costs of equity and hence a lower firm value.
A trustee plan is a simple arrangement for debt liquidation as stated in the bond indenture. The trustee receives periodic payments from the issuer based upon a fund accumulation schedule, which is usually fixed.
An essential feature of corporate bonds is that omission of a coupon payment precipitates bankruptcy (for a detailed treatment of the standard bond indenture provisions, see Smith and Warner |22~).
A COC normally triggers an event of default that results in an accelerated payment of loans or their refinancing under a traditional credit agreement (in contrast to a high-yield bond indenture wherein a COC results in an offer to prepay the bond with premium).
The company's bond indenture requires provision of financial reports within 60 days of the end of its quarter.
Singer, "Bond Indenture Provisions and the Risk of Corporate Debt," Journal of Financial Economics (December 1982), pp.
These studies have attempted to refine the research methodology to account for the data limitations inherent in studying bond returns and to account for differences in bond indenture that could lead to differential bondholder wealth effects.
No further amendments to the contracts are permitted by the bond indenture without a certification to the trustee that it would not adversely affect payment of debt service.
In conjunction with the sale of the series 2018A bonds and an amendment to the senior lien bond indenture, the indenture pledged revenues will be expanded to include a new car rental tax equal to 3% of the charge for the rental or lease of any passenger automotive vehicle in the county for a period of one year or less.