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Among the three bond categories are twelve bond types (the Twelve of 3Twelve) which include investment grade bonds, high-yields, convertibles, emerging markets, TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities), Leveraged loans, and others.
Second, [E.sup.av] is depicted against number of selected bond types, i, in a graph.
Obviously, by increasing the value of i (increasing the effective bond length and number of bond types), the number of atoms sensing the chosen arbitrary atom from which these atomic groups are measured increases, but the bond energy that each atom experiences decreases too.
Complex income tax handling for some bond types, which will coincide with favorable tax treatment for the issuer, may further justify higher underwriting fees.
In order to determine whether additional information costs explain underwriting spread differentials, we consider the five complex bond types described above, and compare them to a group of regular coupon bonds.
The large Staff at South Coast Surety are Specialists in a all surety bond types. In its Twenty Years, the firm has grown to encompass all states nationwide as well as surety bond specialties.
'I have got a bit of respect for MI6 and the James Bond types, but I have to say all my experience of MI5, the snoopers, is that they are so often wrong.
There are enough real-life James Bond types to fill an 18-moth waiting list for the Aston Martim V-12 Vanquish
'I can't help feeling you're here for the food and not for the comedy,' suggests Ross Noble to one punter before embarking on a vinegar-based tangent which, in the course of its travels, will yoke on board cats dressed up as dogs, evil-genius James Bond types, thousands of sparrows with tin-foiled beaks attacking innocent buttocks, and Mr Kipling and his exceedingly well-fed friend 'chasing the dragon' through some improbable afternoon.
Figure M presents the total amount of credit payment outlays requested by issuers of direct payment bonds allowable under ARRA and HIRE by bond type, and shows selected State data regarding credit payment requests.