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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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The bond holders broke through the police line that was guarding the area and threw oranges and eggs at the building, while others hurled rocks and bricks from the surrounding area.
SCOTLAND is the place to live for Premium Bond holders.
This year will be yet another big winning year for Prize Bond Holders as we expect to award more than EUR40million worth of prizes in 2011.
Existing premium bond holders are all entered in the 50th anniversary prizes, but if you are buying for the first time, get them before October 31 to take part.
And from today the maximum each bond holder can invest has gone up from PS30,000 to PS40,000.
Becoming a, Art for Enterprise bond holder is a unique opportunity to do something that is absolutely unique and lots of fun," said Mike Storey, chief executive officer of The North East Enterprise Trust.
The economic interest in MRT 3 is owned by bond holders who purchased asset-backed securities sold by private-sector owners.
The proposal is for the CoCos to be converted to BOCY shares at the current market price and bond holders to get a 4% interest coupon from a support fund.
Natural gas producer Dana, headquartered in the emirate of Sharjah, said it will cancel $80 million of the Islamic bond and sukuk holders will receive a part payment in cash from Dana as part of deal reached with an adhoc group of bond holders.
said today that unions at three of its mills had OK'd a new five-year contract that lowers wages 10 percent and said last week that it had renegotiated terms with its bond holders.
Most of the bond holders are banking institutions operating in Palestine and the Palestinian Monetary Authority, the equivalent of the Central Bank in Palestine.
To this end, the Ministry of Finance paid 26 million euros into the accounts of the bond holders.
Then the convertible bonds will be redeemed at a face value plus accrued interest, unless the bond holders do not decide to convert the bonds until January 25.
A STATE-controlled savings group is today urging Premium Bond holders in the West Midlands to recover nearly pounds 1million in unclaimed assets.
PREMIUM Bond holders will see their chances of winning pounds 1m double from August with the introduction of a second jackpot, it was announced yesterday.