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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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Instead all bond holders are automatically entered into the draw each month.
We have timed the issue so that bonds can be released just ahead of Christmas, so they are timed to be perfect as Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, or as special and well deserved treats for bond holders.
Ensuring that the collateral was separated from the issuer such that it would be available to fund principal and interest (P&I) payments to bond holders in the case of a bank insolvency; and
Instead, bank officials notified bond holders that they will pay only the interest owed on the bonds.
It also emerged today that bond holders in the group, which has already axed about 1,200 staff in Liverpool and announced 250 more job losses recently, want a say in how the business is run.
It added that in a potential restructuring of the balance sheet, tangible assets may not ensure meaningful recovery for bond holders.
Bond holders were yesterday urged to check their tickets for the windfall-winning number - BS221321.
But bond holders are safe in the knowledge that whatever they put in they can retrieve.
The numbers finally came up for the lucky Prize Bond holder - 26 years after he snapped them up for just a fiver each.
But at least a bond holder won't lose six months' interest with a badly timed redemption.
It is the case that Premium Bonds are not transferable during the lifetime of the registered bond holder or on their death.
Bond holder Joy Delfosse, who routinely sat in on the trial, was shocked with the decision.
The 'BBB' rating reflects strong bond holder protections; pledged revenues primarily generated from gaming facilities; the structure of a federally chartered corporation providing a high level of business autonomy; stable management environment at both the LDC and the Pueblo of Laguna (POL or the tribe); and no per capita distributions from gaming revenues with modest reliance by the POL on gaming revenue to support government operations, although this dependence is likely to grow as gaming operations are expected to become more profitable.
The MTA does not expect bond holder consent for the DTF bonds or the transportation revenue bonds would be required since the MMTOA receipts deposited into the pledged amounts account secure the bonds along with other sources, rather than the specific taxes.
The issuer may approach the bond holders through a consent solicitation statement and bondholders who consent to the changes may receive a consent payment.