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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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All that now awaits is a yay or nay from Bond, James Bond.
IT wouldn't sound quite so suave in a Scouse accent, but imagine Dancing On Ice champion Ray Quinn saying: "The name's Bond, James Bond.
The name is Bond, James Bond," may be one of the most famous introductions in cinematic history, but the provocatively named Pussy Galore is equally memorable.
Connery was launched to stardom in the 1960s and 1970s, playing agent 007, Bond, James Bond, as he introduced himself to foes.
It is among items from the classic films set to feature in the Bond, James Bond display at the Science Museum in south-west London.
As you'd except from a hotel chosen by Bond, James Bond, the Hotel Atlantic epitomises style and, being part of the legendary Kempinski chain, boasts exceptional levels of service.
As 007 hit the big screen for the 22nd time last night in Quantum Of Solace, I went on a journey of discovery to sample the sights, sounds, tastes and bespoke shirts that gave birth to Bond, James Bond.
THE name's Bond, James Bond - with the names of the twenty-one 007 films in between
SCREEN BEAUTY: Marilyn Monroe died in 1962' SCREEN STARS: Sean Connery was Bond, James Bond, while Cliff Richard starred in The Young Ones, Ursula Andress was a Bond girl
One thing that Higson was determined to get into his first 007 novel was the classic line - the name's Bond, James Bond - so that is how he introduces himself to his headmaster.
Of course Sean Connery's debut appearance in Dr No with the classic line: 'The name's Bond, James Bond,' has to be a contender.
BRITAIN'S number one spy Bond, James Bond, 007 licence to kill, is back with his latest adventure Die Another Day, in the cinemas next week, and the promotional machinery behind the film is building up a head of steam.
Bond, James Bond, features objects, drawings and costume designs from all 19 Bond films.
He just about manages a vodka martini - shaken not stirred - but only while pinioning a heavy to the bar and he draws enough breath between chases to gasp "my name is Bond, James Bond.
Then, leaning for-ward to the cameras, he utters the immortal words: "The name's Bond, James Bond - and Shal-mond's the man for me.