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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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In the last moment of Casino Royale, Bond invokes another Bond motif begun with Connery: he looks almost into the camera and says for the first time, "I'm Bond, James Bond." And on that cue, the music strikes the familiar James Bond theme, which had not previously played.
The name's Bond, James Bond. Just don't expect to hear Daniel Craig say it.
EVER SINCE THE INIMITABLE Sean Connery looked up from that baccarat table, casually flipped the ash from his cigarette and spoke the immortal words--"Bond, James Bond"--I have been fascinated with gamblers.
"I could hardly say anything at first but then my friend started talking and told Pierce how much he loved his trademark intro, 'Name's Bond, James Bond'.
Finally, he takes a cigarette and when she asks his name he utters the line, "Bond, James Bond".To challenge me for the PS20 Slam Sam prize (you must provide printed proof of your answer, and only challenger is eligible for the prize), write to Showbiz Sam, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA or email r.fulton@dailyrecord.co.uk in "You're a winner when I print your verified answer, Christina is in Christina Coates from Stirling is this week's Slam Sam challenger.
THE name's Bond, James Bond...and this is a musical celebration of 007.
Friday THE name's Bond, James Bond - and he comes with 50 years worth of great theme tunes.
The Golden Handshake Without fail, every time Bond meets either a villain or a 'Bond girl' he introduces himself with a hand shake and his name (Bond, James Bond).
Dressed in a suit and red scarf, Bond, James Bond, watched from the stands of Sydney's ANX Stadium before meeting the players and gladly joining in the celebrations.
1 That's our man Sitting at the casino table, with the finest poker face ever, Sean Connery in Dr No (1962) introduces himself to his opponent Sylvia Trench, coolly lighting his cigarette, uttering the immortal words "Bond, James Bond".
Despite being the newest Bond, he even gets to deliver the key catchphrase "The name's Bond, James Bond", that, for many, is so closely associated with the 'Dr No' star.
}SOUNDS like Ronnie Wood's current bit of skirt ana araujo is setting her sights on Bond, James Bond. The "actress" tells me she's eyeing up a role in the forthcoming Bond movie.
EoACA[pounds sterling]My name is Bond, James Bond, and it stays that way.EoACA[yen] It had better EoACAo considering itEoACAOs a multi-billion-dollar franchise.