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British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming


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Nine takes later, Sean had gone through every permutation of "Bond, James Bond" you could think of, from "Bond, Sean Bond" to "Sean, Bond James" to "James, I mean Bond James" and so on.
Another joked on blogging website Twitter: "The name's Bond, James Bond.
"My name is Bond, James Bond, and it stays that way." It had better -- considering it's a multi-billion-dollar franchise.
But David Trevellyan is another character entirely, and I think that at this juncture it remains to be seen whether he can become as iconic as the man called "Bond, James Bond." The book ends with what I would describe as a precipice, as opposed to a cliffhanger, and I sincerely hope Mr.
She won't settle for a one-night stand "The name's Bond, James Bond." That line, coupled with a crooked grin and a martini or two (shaken, of course, not stirred) is enough to get most women to fall head over heels into the sexy spy's bed, but not our Miss Moneypenny.
But this being opening weekend, you'll have to get there a little early if you want a good seat for "Quantum of Solace." What's a few extra minutes of waiting when it's been years since the last action-packed Bond, James Bond?
The name's Bond, James Bond" - depending on your age and temperament you may hear the sentence in a velvety voice with a Scottish accent or imagine a raised eyebrow and a sardonic tone or hear it in its steelier, icy modern-day incarnation.
The bowling line-up has been weakened by the unavailability of Shane Bond, James Franklin and Mark Gillespie, but the selectors have shown faith in Vettori, Chris Martin, Kyle Mills and either Michael Mason or Iain O'Brien.
Some would presume that Pierce Brosnan's career reached its zenith when he was hired to utter the iconic words "Bond, James Bond" over the course of four films.
"I could hardly say anything at first but then my friend started talking and told Pierce how much he loved his trademark intro, 'Name's Bond, James Bond'.
He follows his involvement in the movement to Albany, Georgia; Selma, Alabama; and Greenwood, Mississippi, where he encounters Martin Luther King Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, Julian Bond, James Farmer, and Bob Moses, as well as many unsung heroes whose praise he sings.
Finally, he takes a cigarette and when she asks his name he utters the line, "Bond, James Bond".To challenge me for the PS20 Slam Sam prize (you must provide printed proof of your answer, and only challenger is eligible for the prize), write to Showbiz Sam, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA or email r.fulton@dailyrecord.co.uk in "You're a winner when I print your verified answer, Christina is in Christina Coates from Stirling is this week's Slam Sam challenger.
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