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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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No less numerous, were the souvenir items--such as those picked up by Captain Nash in Geneva--created to satisfy the demands of Bonapartists and the ever growing numbers of affluent visitors making their Grand Tour.
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Furthermore, they had no sympathy for the Bonapartists since they resented Napoleon III's foreign policy, which had favored the Italian nationalists at the expense of the Pope.
While clericalists and monarchists were ascendant in the early days of the Third Republic--hence the building of Sacre Coeur--the rival claims of the Bonapartists, Orleanists, and Legitimists ensured that the republic survived.
legitimists, Bonapartists, republicans, socialists, unions, etc.) he has chosen instead to organize his work by type of oppositional activity, an approach which simply doesn't work.
When the war ended so did the funding and the project's leader sold the vessel to French Bonapartists. In the winter of 1820 the submarine sailed down the Thames to a rendezvous with a merchant ship, to be transported to the South Atlantic and launched off the coast of St Helena.
The Legitimists held only thirty seats, and the Orleanists and Bonapartists the remainder.
(70.) See BASS, supra note 3, at 5 (documenting six times when states have dealt with issues of international justice prior to the creation of the ICTY--these include trials of the Bonapartists in 1815 after the 100 Days War; trials of German war criminals after World War I; prosecution of Turk perpetrators of the Armenian genocide; the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals; the trial of Japanase war criminals in Tokyo; the current ex-Yugoslavia tribunal; and the trial for crimes that occurred in the genocide in Rwanda).
Under the Restoration, republicans and Bonapartists were excluded, and Louis XVIII simply appointed new Immortels in their places.
He may--or may not--have been offered [pound sterling]40,000 for the effort on behalf of the Bonapartists."
105] On the Right, most Bonapartists remained loyal to the emperor's pro-trade legacy, while monarchists of various stripes tended to favor agricultural tariffs or were divided according to how trade affected different landed interests.
One could even take the question "Did Napoleon pervert or preserve the gains of the revolution?" and conduct the trial as a "class action" suit with those opposed to Napoleon (women, free slaves, republicans, devout Catholics) on one side and Bonapartists on the other.