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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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In discussions on populism, it is important to remember that in two of its predecessor forms, Bonapartism and Caesarism, the strong leader emerges to compose the people in response to multiple crises.
Continually I oratedprivately to friends, intimately to the inside of my head, publicly to my readersabout fascism and Bonapartism and the toadies of Marshall Petain.
His first pompous statement -- "I do not recognise Marios Garoyian as leader of DIKO" -- contains elements of party indiscipline, intolerance, Bonapartism and arrogance.
52, and s letter from the Urals and Plekhanov's "Centralism or Bonapartism" in Iskra No.
My searches suggest that PArAsCeNdErand BONaPArTiSm are the longest, at 11 letters.
"Moreover, since our country is also in a state of war hence any Bonapartism on part of any politician or anyone else is also not acceptable," said Aun Jaffery, another PPP activist.
For its part, Islamabad is of the view that the time has come to put an end to adventurous Bonapartism. Since independence in 1947, the country has been ruled by the military for over 30 years.
Egypt: Al-Sisi's run for President: Bonapartism and Gulf Oil Money Juan Cole's take on Sisi's run is that "it has taken so long for al-Sisi to declare his candidacy b/c he was reluctant to run unless he had a firm promise of these massive sums of Gulf aid."
How do we get to Cornish and Russwurm amid what Rebecca Mackinnon describes, in Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom (2012), as a global crisis in which "[w]estern companies and financiers" work with governments around the world to turn the Internet into "networked authoritarianism" and a "digital bonapartism" assisting to "marginalize the opposition and manipulate public opinion much more subtly than in the old days"?
His trial and conviction, lilt cheerfully political honchos and pundits of every denomination, will put paid to Bonapartism for all times to come.
It should also be noted that the economic growth in France is weaker, the "kind-heartedness" of Francois Hollande (11), which was more awaited by the voters as a counter-reaction to the bonapartism of Nicolas Sarkozy, seems now to be out of place.
He ostensibly took this drastic step to purge the defence forces of what he called Bonapartism.
In most cases, the petite bourgeoisie become a tool in the hands of the bourgeoisie classes to create what is known as Bonapartism or fascism, with a nationalistic social communist flair.
Bhutto had said in 1974 that " we have buried dictatorship and Bonapartism .It became revived after three years.