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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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Her topics include the invasion of Algeria and the revolution of 1830, Bonapartism and the popular culture of conquest, colonialism in the age of abolition, and speculation and the colonial landscape.
The book under review has many other issues deliberated upon, like the capitalist tsunami, October Revolution, the role of the socialist system, Pakistan and Bonapartism, the Marxist view of the state, etc.
The danger: opening too many fronts at once, going into Waziristan before Swat is fully secured; the temptation: heeding the siren calls of Bonapartism.
If the tone of Hazlitt's portrait of Godwin often sounds a recessive note of bitterness, it should be remembered that Hazlitt was himself a rarity by the mercurial standards of the public life he observed, retaining a stubborn Bonapartism even in the post-Waterloo years.
They respected nobody's opinions but their own, failed to take realistic account of the return of Bonapartism, and were incapable of concession or compromise.
Apart from the idiotic advice that he should try to bribe the Duke of Wellington, Talleyrand spent 1813 distancing himself from Napoleon, while trying to stay in the Emperor's favor should Bonapartism survive.
He seemed to have set out to establish a model of political authoritarianism based on free-market principles--a doctrine known in historical terminology as Bonapartism.
The two strands in the formation of the neo-fascist constituency converge on the related demands for a strong state--for a form resembling presidential Bonapartism that would 'get things done' under a 'strong leader'--and for a unitary culture, a cultural form that would restore respect for those who are anxious about the effects of globalisation yet lack the cultural capital to take advantage of the explosion in the services sector.
Much of what Haussmann accomplished was prefigured by these earlier proposals, which were nonetheless inspired by political ideas that were incompatible with Bonapartism.
After the French Revolution degenerated into murderous chaos and gave rise to Bonapartism, an illuminist scattering took place, leading to the creation of radical secret societies across Europe and Latin America, according to Billington.
His desire to leave behind a system which eliminates the possibility of military takeover, may involve not only constitutional safeguards which according to him are now missing, but also a penchant for Bonapartism that has unfortunately survived since the day of Ayub Khan.
Moreover, Haussmann never tamed Paris politically, never converted it to Bonapartism.
By putting Musharraf on trial, Islamabad thinks that the adventurous Bonapartism will come to an end in the country.
Nisar military background does not bracket him with the Bonapartism of the Military Junta that played `PINCERS' both with `Democracy' and `Islam'.