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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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A neighbor who was on a walk at the time saw Bonaparte unconscious on the front yard, local media reported.
Once Bonaparte has discussed the different crises that had so unnerved many in the nineteenth century, she turns her attention in part II, "Something We Must Believe In and Do," to the general feeling of dissolution and the ways that mythic symbols allowed novelists to remake the shattered world.
In the final part issued in 1859 Swart added a black and white lithographic copy of the Bonaparte map.
His complaint, of course, appears in his own Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte (1829-31).
Beauharnais apparently wrote in October 1806 that Berthier needs to take care of the emperor and to ensure that Bonaparte does not expose himself too much, as he was one of his oldest friends and it is their attachment to the emperor that calmed her.
Devido a sua importancia regional e nacional, o processo de internacionalizacao do Grupo Bonaparte e um caso interessante para se estudar.
Tolstoy himself viewed the historical figure as Napoleon Bonaparte, that is, as a man with a given name and a lineal surname:
Retention Licence 1 (RL1) in the onshore Bonaparte Basin has successfully been renewed for a further five year term.
DOHA LYCEeE Bonaparte Doha held its fifth annual 'Run Against Hunger' event in March and got donation commitments for QR121,408 from the activity.
La bague de fiancailles offerte en 1796 par Napoleon Bonaparte a Josephine de Beauharnais s'est vendue dimanche 896.
The management team, lead by Naheel Suleman, prides himself on developing lasting relationships with his high-end clientele,” states Lauran Bonaparte.
En esta vena, este articulo propone una aproximacion a la forma como Marx concibio el poder en dos de sus obras historico politicas: Las luchas de clases en Francia (1850) (en adelante LCF) (1985: 37-134) y El dieciocho brumario de Luis Bonaparte (1852) (en adelante DB) (Marx, 1985: 135-239).
Engineering, construction and services company KBR (NYSE:KBR) declared on Wednesday that it has been awarded a contract by GDF SUEZ Bonaparte Pty Ltd, operator of the Bonaparte LNG project, to execute floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) production vessel design work for its project in offshore Darwin, Australia.
Al-Shehabi's latest play, according to the playwright, narrates the life of Napoleon Bonaparte after fleeing with his family from Corsica Island to Marseilles in south France at the age of 21 years immediately following the French revolution.