good faith

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having honest intentions


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Tax Court in Boston, argued Fidelity and its partners were bonafide and faced plenty of downside in the form of financial, environmental and reputational risk from their investment.
'It is the mother of all ironies that on the same day that APC organised an illegal meeting for its candidate, it was sending a combined team of cops and hoodlums to dislodge an event organised by bonafide Nigerian citizens,' Agbaje said.
If you have a PhilHealth card and you are bonafide Filipino citizen, you can get help.
(But the process is, after they file the Comelec will evaluate it one by one - whoever is legitimate and bonafide candidates that will serve our country.
'The present petitioner has not only utilized the time of functionaries of this court in processing his petition but has also taken the precious time which otherwise should have been availed by other bonafide litigants who anxiously await for the dispensation of justice,' Justice Minallah's order read.
In a tweet on Tuesday, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said: "On the auspicious occasion of India's Independence day, we will grant a medical visa in all bonafide cases pending with us."
Thursday on the lawn of the Willamette Oaks Retirement Community, and this year's production, "Miss Bunny Bunting's Bonafide Belles," proves the power of alliteration.
Jeddah Cable of Coach Webster Caballo and Manager Jason Estanislao was crowned the Bonafide Inter-company Division champion after it bested Salem Husni team in the best-of-three title series.
The Fragrance Foundation honored Bonafide Beauty Labs' founder Pamela Baxter at their 17th annual Circle of Champions dinner on November 3, at The Park Hyatt New York.
The burial took place after his son, Abdul Jaleel, produced at the Indian embassy some bonafide documents signed by revenue officials concerned at his native place in Tamil Nadu's Thanjavur district.
Mallya, however, said to demonstrate his bonafide and also that of his companies, an aggregate of ` 1,591 crore can be deposited before the apex court.
Rejecting Mallya's proposal in the current form to pay Rs 4,000 crore out of the loan, consortium of banks sought his presence in the country to show his bonafide that he is serious in settling his dues.
Bonafide are seasoned campaigners when it comes to delivering bang-on rock shows and the super Swedes didn't hang about as they raced through a typically furious set.
Frontman Pontus Snibb looked relieved to have his band-mates on stage -- the singer was forced to fly solo in Bristol two days earlier after Bonafide's bus broke down -- and gave a convincing audition as Brian Johnson's would-be replacement in AC/DC.
It's a collaboration between Baby Cow Productions and Bonafide Films whose producer Margery Bone is from Newcastle and one of its writers is another local: Andy Milligan, who is a scriptwriter for Ant and Dec on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!