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brown-headed cowbirds, Molothrus ater; northern cardinals, Cardinalis cardinalis; northern mockingbirds, Mimus polyglottos; cedar waxwings, Bombycilla cedorum) in addition to the aforementioned species.
Tardus migratorius American Robin WR Anthns rubescens American Pipit WR Bombycilla cedrorttm Cedar Waxwing T 0.
sialis (Linnaeus) eastern I C bluebird Turdus migratorius Linnaeus, I A American robin Family Mimidae (mimic thrushes) Dumetella carolinensis (Linaeus), I C gray catbird Mimus polyglottos (Linnaeus), I C northern mockingbird Toxostoma rufum (Linnaeus), brown I C thrasher Family Sturnidae (starlings) Sturnus vulgaris Linnaeus, I A European starling Family Motacillidae (wagtails and pipits) Anthus rubescens (Tunstall), I R American pipit Family Bombycillidae (waxwings) Bombycilla cedrorum Vieillot, I O cedar waxwing B.
A common summer resident in the Chicago region (Woodruff 1907), Bombycilla cedrorum very likely foraged, and perhaps nested, on the Grand Calumet River floodplain.
41 Cedar Waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum -- -- -- Chipping Sparrow Spizella passerina 20 0.