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Williams and his colleagues named the new bee Bombus kluanensis.
Outer tegula distance is only included for species in which a minimum of three specimens were captured # Collected # Observed on Video Bees Apidae Apis meWfera 13 5 Bambus impatiens 16 Bombus pensylvanicus 8 4 Nomada fervida 1 Svastra atripes 7 Xylocopa micans 6 9 Halictidae Agapostemon splendens 16 23 Augochlora pur a 1 Lasioglossu m 1 apopkensis Lasioglossum 1 reticulatum Lasioglossum 3 tarponense Lasioglossum spp.
Pollination and foraging potential of European bumblebee, Bombus terrestris (Hymenoptera: Apidae) on tomato crop under greenhouse system.
Our data show that purple and white Gesneriad flowers dominate all regions, including Hainan Island, indicating Gesneriaceae in these regions are mainly visited by bees, including Bombus, Chalcididae, Amegilla and Lasioglossum (Gao et al.
atratus por exposicion topica y oral al igual que lo obtenido en otras especies tanto del genero Bombus como de otros grupos de abejas (exposicion oral Imidacloprid > Thiocyclam hidrogenoxalato > Spinosad; exposicion topica Imidacloprid > Thiocyclam hidrogenoxalato) (Thompson, 2001, Scott-Dupree et al.
Trichoderma-based biological control agents are compatible with the pollinator Bombus terrestris: A laboratory study.
En Patagonia habitan una especie nativa y dos introducidas de abejorros del genero Bombus Latreille (Hymenoptera, Apidae), las cuales podrian facilitar la produccion de semillas de L.
The State Theaters' E[currency]inasi and CE-neyt GE[micro]kcer Ecayyolu theaters, Batykent Meydan Theater, Ecankaya Municipality's Contemporary Arts Center, the Farabi Theater, Bombus Theater and Tiyatro Pembe Kurbay-a are among venues that will be hosting performances as part of the festival, which will wrap up on Nov.
Map letter bookends, PS29, Bombus WHY not use these in the hallway, in a square, with the first letter of everyone's name in the house?
Yet surprisingly, many Bombus species are holding steady on their northern borders instead of surging into cooler climes, researchers report in the July 10 Science.
Call up vibrantly-coloured Superheroes for a stylish touch - comic book heroes <B feature on wacky wall art from Bombus, with a circular print, PS20 and a set of nine, PS160.
Use vibrantly coloured superheroes for a stylish touch - comic book <Bheroes feature on wacky wall art from Bombus, with a circular single print, PS20 and a set of nine, PS160.
Se identificaron 11 especies de insectos visitantes, de las cuales Apis mellifera, Bombus hortulanus y B.