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Synonyms for bunker

a hazard on a golf course

a large container for storing fuel

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a fortification of earth

hit a golf ball into a bunker

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fill (a ship's bunker) with coal or oil

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transfer cargo from a ship to a warehouse

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enacted so-called "bombshelter" statutes, forbidding the
It is just as well that the four of them get along because the touring schedule has been relentless, leading up to and since the release of their debut, the all-originals CD, The Bombshelter Sessions, on their own label.
[No response] To BS (Bombshelter Press): What are you guys hiding from?
(The political nature of the issue is highlighted by "bombshelter" laws enacted in some American states which invalidate contract clauses purporting to opt in to the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA): see 70 U.S.L.W, 2439 (2001) and 71 U.S.L.W.
General Schwarzkopf's hypothesized defense was noted above, [40] that he had radio intercept and defector information that convinced him that a bombshelter in Baghdad had been deliberately placed above a vital military communications center whose destruction would save thousands of the lives of his forces.