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The victims' group released a statement earlier this week saying the release of Bashir was a cause for 'great sadness and pain' for the UK relatives of those killed in the bombings and its survivors.
Remember on the night of the pub bombings the Accident Hospital treated 217 people.
Jose Antonio Colina and German Rodolfo Varela, two former Venezuelan military officers, stand accused of bombing the Spanish Embassy and the Colombian consulate in 2003 in a reputed attempt to embarrass the government of President Hugo Chavez.
The July bombings reinforce likely terrorism exposures.
"The bombings won't affect my editorial as my next issue will be in around a month's time." He publishes six times a year.
Police in Indonesia's Central Java Province have arrested 24 terrorist suspects allegedly involved in the 2002 bombing attacks on the resort island Bali and the 2003 JW Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta, National Police Chief Gen.
(5) Similarly, two bombings in 1997--one at a clinic in suburban Atlanta that provided abortions and one at an Atlanta gay nightclub--also involved the use of secondary devices.
Upstairs, Impression Oil Drawing: Bombing Taiwan Museum of Art, 2004, depicts an explosion and is accompanied by another large drawing made with gunpowder.
It was easier, after the end of World War II, to point to its stupidities and cruelties in fiction rather than in a direct onslaught on what was so universally acclaimed as "the good war." Thus, Joseph Heller in Catch-22 captured the idiocy of military life, the crass profiteering, the pointless bombings. And Kurt Vonnegut, in Slaughterhouse-Five, brought to a large readership the awful story of the bombing of Dresden.
Original Child Bomb borrows its title and various narrative and thematic elements from Merton's 1962 prose poem of the same name--a synoptic evocation of the events leading up to the bombings, which he termed "points for meditation to be scratched on a cave wall." Becker and Schonegevel successfully reprise the dominant notes of ironic indictment in his spare poetic diction.
The visit of the archbishop, who is leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, coincided with an upsurge of violence, including a Palestinian suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem that killed 11 people.
This would change with the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the first act of international terrorism within the United States, which world launch Mylroie on a quixotic quest to prove that Saddam's regime was the most important source of terrorism directed against this country.
As devastating attacks on civilians in Israel and Iraq recently demonstrate, suicide bombings have become a grimly efficient terrorist industry.
PHILIPPINES: The president of the Philippine bishops' conference has appealed for prayers and justice after bombings in southern Mindanao.
During the 1940 bombings, the royal couple toured London each day to offer comfort and encouragement.