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Concordant change in mitochondrial and nuclear genes in a hybrid zone between two frog species (genus Bombina).
Star performance Bombina made us wait, then put on a show-stopping performance
Both types of selection are likely to play a role in the hybrid zone between the firebellied toad, Bombina bombina, and the yellow-bellied toad, Bombina variegata.
Scientists from Kunming Institute of Zoology under Chinese Academy of Sciences have found that the pore-forming proteins in the skin of Bombina maxima, a species of toad in southwest China, have the function of inducing tissue repair and promoting scar-free healing of wounds.
Bombina Oya, Jonathan's aunt who has 11 children, said she learned lessons from the death of her nephew.
We examined sexual size and shape dimorphism in traits related to locomotion of nine anuran species from Serbia and Montenegro (Hyla arborea, Bombina variegata, Bufotes viridis, Rana temporaria, R.
Daily temperature fluctuations on amphibians have also shown to induce a variation in traits associated with fitness, suchas an increase in the developmental rate, tadpole body length and jumping performance in Limnodvnastes peronii (Niehaus, Wilson, & Franklin, 2006), a positive increase in individual performance and development in Triturus alpestris (Merakova, & Gvozdik, 2009), and to cause embryos to hatch at a younger developmental stage and longer snout-vent-length in Bombina orientalis (Kaplan, & Phillips, 2006).
Other members of this family include Bv8 [14], the secreted protein from the frog Bombina variegata, its mammalian orthologues [15, 16].
Bombina orientalis is one of the few amphibians tested for number sense.