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a person who plants bombs

a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments)

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There are only two maps on which it seems to be recorded (both close to the original Wesel(s) Eijland off Bomberai Peninsula): the first is the so-called 'Bonaparte Tasman' map (Fig.
On the following day, 25 April 1636, Pool and Pieterszoon sighted two other islands off the southeastern tip of Bomberai Peninsula and named the first Wesels Eiland (Pulau Adi), and the second, a small neighbouring island, Vogels Eiland ['Bird Island'] (Pulau Tumbutumbu).
Even though no map of the Pool/Pieterszoon expedition has survived, there is nevertheless abundant cartographic evidence of the existence of a Wesel(s) Eijland off Bomberai Peninsula.
* It first appears just off the south-eastern tip of Bomberai Peninsula (position 1) sometimes accompanied by Vogel(s) Eyland
The northern group is limited to drainages west of Berau Bay, as well as drainages in the northern Birds Head Peninsula while the "Southern Birds Head" group occupies drainages that enter Berau Bay (and adjacent Bin-tuni Bay) and south through the Bomberai Peninsula to drainages in the vicinity of Arguni Bay.
Beschrieben wird eine neue Art der Regenbogenfische, Melanotaenia sneideri, von der Halbinsel Bomberai in der sudwestlichen Vogelkopf-Gegend des wesdichen Neuguinea (Provinz Westpapua, Indonesien).
Une nouvelle espece de Melanotaeniidae, Melanotaenia sneideri, est decrite, originaire de la Bomberai Peninsula au sud-ouest de la region du Bird's Head en Nouvelle-Guinee occidentale (West Papua Province, Indonesie).
Una nuova specie di pesce arcobaleno, Melanotaenia sneideri, e descritta dalla penisola Bomberai della regione sud-occidentale di Bird's Head, Nuova Guinea occidentale (Provincia di West Papua, Indonesia).
1) connecting the Bird's Head Peninsula with the remainder of New Guinea, including the Bomberai Peninsula.