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a person who plants bombs

a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments)

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Aristedes Galang said the crash of the OV10 aircraft resulted in the grounding of the five remaining bomber planes as part of the standard operating procedure for safety of pilots.
Two of the Typhoon jets have shadowed a Russian Bear-H bomber plane, above, over the north Atlantic, the Ministry of Defence revealed yesterday.
What you've got to do is fly a bomber plane and hit the targets.
A GROUP of students have become the first to carry out a school project on a wartime German bomber plane which was salvaged from the bottom of the English Channel.
The MOP is delivered by a B-2 or B-52 bomber plane.
Later, in the submerged fuselage of a wrecked bomber plane, she declares: "This must have been a very frightening place to be." Astute observation, Kate - being on a crashing plane is always a bit on the scary side.
"I was walking over the Malvern Hills and I was looking up at a Valiant Bomber plane due east in a clear sky in the morning.
SOLDIER Matty Hull died in a 'friendly fire' attack on his convoy by a US bomber plane in Iraq in 2003.
A CHARITY set up to get a Cold War bomber plane back into the skies will be visiting Coventry on Sunday to help keep it flying.
PICTURE life in 1941 Night has come the sun has gone Darkness cloaks the valley of the Tyne No chink of light through any window shine A siren sounds like a thousand wailing cats Policemen, firemen, warden's don heavy steel hats A throbbing sound is heard way up high A beam of light shoots straight up to the sky Searching for an enemy bomber plane Heavy guns add with their own refrain Filling the sky with jagged metal rain A screaming bomb goes hurtling through the air A building turns into a massive burning flare Smells of roasting meat pervades the air Mixed with burning sugar, acrid sweet Water-soaked flour depriving us our bread News that some firemen are dead Fighting fires at Manors goods railhead Eating salvaged food for many days Those brave men forever deserved our praise.
SOLDIER Matty Hull died in a "friendly fire" attack on his convoy by a US bomber plane in Iraq in 2003.
A WEBSITE which swaps unwanted Christmas gifts is advertising a bomber plane.
ABOVE a checkpoint in rebelheld Ras Lanuf came the whirr of an incoming bomber plane. The ground shook as Gaddafi's opponents pelted the sky with anti-aircraft guns and a logjam of cars blared horns, desperate to get past a petrol tanker blocking their escape route.