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British marshal of the Royal Air Force

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We were thrilled with the run though as he jumped and travelled extremely well." Harry Fry, trainer of Bold Chief and Our Bomber Harris "Bold Chief could easily have won three from three last season as a novice and he's done well over the summer, so there should be a bit of improvement in him.
In World War 11 Britain, such a figure was Arthur Harris, also known as Bomber Harris, the leader of Bomber Command, who unleashed the saturation attacks on German cities and became one of the most controversial figures on the allied side.
Off duty, their sex-obsessed landlady claims to have bedded both Bomber Harris and Goering.
Bomber Harris: His life and times, Greenhill Books, London, 2006.
Bomber Harris, Commando Comics, Sven Hassel and every kid who grew up in Britain of parents who survived the war knew it." McEwen's booklet also reproduces a newspaper ad memorializing real estate developer Samuel J.
Some 11 days later, Montgomery again called upon Bomber Harris, who resented the intrusion into his plan to bomb Germany into submission.
Only in Britain were Bomber Harris and his men reviled for doing their best to shorten the war,
One rider who definitely won't be joining Tigers is English sensation Chris Bomber Harris who has opted to join Elite League outfit Coventry.
Probert, Henry, Bomber Harris His Life and Times: The Biography of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris, the Wartime Chief of Bomber Command.
One of the most popular choruses was "There's only one Bomber Harris," in honour of the man responsible for flattening German cities in the 1940s.
No, it wasn't the dambusters, or Bomber Harris and his Lancasters; nor was it the Atlantic or Arctic Convoys.
(1) The first two paragraphs have been published previously, in Dudley Saward, "Bomber Harris": The Story of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris....
STRATFORD 5.55 Moon Over Miami 6.25 Lost Legend 6.55 That's Rhythm 7.25 Ned The Post 7.55 Our Bomber Harris 8.30 Salsify 9.00 Dunraven Prince.
He proudly met the famed leader of the wartime RAF bomber force, Bomber Harris, at a special reunion in 1971.