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a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea

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It was then that student-leader of the Bombay city, Shri Rohit Dave laid down the rules and regulations of the "Indian National Theatre", keeping in mind the participation not only of the artistes as a class, but the common man of India.
Preliminary observations on antibody patterns against certain viruses among inhabitants of Bombay city. Indian J Med Sci.
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Marshalling a range of secondary scholarship on the history of Bombay city in the second chapter of the book, Schulze argues that dominant readings of Phalke assume an Indian mass audience when in fact the public sphere was heavily fractured- by wages, by spending power, by the spatial segregation of the city along class and caste lines in the wake of the plague of 1896 (the same year that the first film screenings were conducted by Lumieres' traveling cameraman Maurice Sestier) that prompted intrusive state measures to reshape the city and to monitor public gatherings.
Urban Leadership in Western India: Politics and Communities in Bombay City 1840-1885.
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But I've spent an interesting week at The Famous Grouse- sponsored All India and South Asia rugby tournament at the Bombay City Gymkhana.
And sale of the land would likely violate Bombay city's master plan and destroy its urban ecology by heightening population density and congestion.
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