Bombax ceiba

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East Indian silk cotton tree yielding fibers inferior to kapok

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2D), this bird species preferred semal tree Bombax ceiba for being tall, for nesting purpose.
The possible combinations including trees with nesting site, trees with birds and birds with nesting sites showed no significant relationship among these parameters tested while there was a small element of specific preference as seen for Black Kite which used only Bombax ceiba for its nesting regardless of its presence at all five sampling sites.
At the anatomical level, Ceiba pentanda and Ceiba speciosa are similar to each other and differed from Bombax ceiba Table (3).
The objective of the present study is hence to study the coagulation and antibacterial effect of crude seed extract of Bombax ceiba L and Citrus aurantifolia fruit juice for post disinfection of coagulated water.
Bombax ceiba was used by the Kavirajes of the present study for treatment of bone fracture, but used by Kavirajes of Kushtia district to increase sperm count.
Damage to mature trees of Acacia modesta Populus deltoides Bombax ceiba and Tamarix sumba was not recorded in any plantation.
Roots of Bombax ceiba, as used by the Kaviraj (Serial Number 27) are also used traditionally in India to treat sexual weakness (Verma et al., 2011).
The leaves and roots of Bombax ceiba were taken in combination to increase sexual activity (i.e.
Bombax ceiba, used by the TMPs for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders (Serial Number 3) has been shown to exert a protective effect on experimental models of inflammatory bowel disease in rats and mice (Jagtap et al., 2011).
Thus of the six common plant species observed between the two studies, the present healer used Bombax ceiba for treatment of 'being touched by evil wind' whereas in the previous study, the healers used this plant species for treatment of sexual weakness in males.
For treatment of urination difficulties, the roots of Bombax ceiba facing east were used in the formulation (Serial Number 15).
The roots of Bombax ceiba were used along with Piper cubeba, Curculigo orchioides, and Withania somnifera for treatment of impotency.
Hypotensive activity and toxicology of constituents from Bombax ceiba stem bark.
In this case, the plants used were Litsea liyuyingi, Ipomoea mauritiana, Terminalia arjuna, Bombax ceiba, Trigonella foenum-graecum, and Vernonia patula.