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The most frequent trees in parks are Eugenia jambolana Pongomia pinnata Eucalyptus camadulensis Dalbergia sissoo Bombax malabrica Hetrophragma adonsonii Acacia nilotica Phoenix dactylifera and Mangifera indica.
Hepatoprotective activity of bombax ceiba Linn against isoniazid and rifampicin induced toxicity in experimental rats.
[T.sub.1] Especie/Individuo DAP (cm) g ([m.sup.2]) Euxylophora paraensis 97,30 0,74 Manilkara huberi 89,80 0,63 Lecythis pisonis 89,50 0,63 Brosimum acutifolium 81,90 0,53 Laetia procera 78,90 0,49 Pseudopiptadenia suaveolens 76,70 0,46 Bombax globosum 69,60 0,38 Caryocar villosum 67,80 0,36 Manilkara paraensis 61,60 0,30 Laetia procera 60,50 0,29 Jacaranda copaia 55,20 0,24 Copaifera multijuga 35,80 0,10 -- -- -- -- -- -- Total -- 5,15 Media DAP 72,05 [+ or -] 17,29 -- [T.sub.2] Especie/Individuo DAP (cm) g ([m.sup.2]) Manilkara huberi 123,50 1,20 Couratari sp.
Table (2) shows that Bombax ceiba is morphologically distinct from Ceiba pentanda and Ceiba speciosa in thorn shape & color, trunk developed with butteresses, tree branching type, large pulvinus, petiole length (14.5cm), leaflet petiolule length (2.6cm), leaflet blade length (11cm)& width (4.8cm) where Bombax ceiba has the highest values, the number, shape and apex of the leaflet and different flowering seasons.
[Bignoniaceae], Bombax palmeri Wats., Ceiba acuminata (Wats.) Rose [Bombacaceae], Bursera spp.
Low density but high abundance was observed for Anisomelis indica, Arundo donax, Bambusa tulda, Bombax ceiba, Calamus rotung, Cassia tora, Clitoria ternatea, Coix lacryma-jobi, Ficus hispida, Hedyotis scandens, and the epiphytic orchid Vanda tessellata (Table 1).
Las especies arboreas mas comunes son: el hualtaco (Loxopterygium huasango, el charan (Caesalpinea corymbosa), el guayacan (Tecoma sp.), el algarrobo (Prosopis juliflora), el palo santo (Bursera graveolens), el pasallo (Bombax discolor), el ceibo (Bombax sp.), el sapote (Capparis angulata), el faique Acacia (macracantha, el angolo (Pithecolobium multiflorum) y el porotillo (Erythrina sp.) (Dourojeanni & Ponce, 1978, p.
The seeds of Bombax ceiba L seeds have been recently identified to be one of the potential natural coagulants for production of clean water for rural people in Tanzania.
Others include erythrina crystagalli, adansonia gibbosa, bauhinia blakeana, bombax elipticum and harpephyllum caffrum.
Crystalline sugar (talmishri) prepared from sap of Borassus flabellifer was added to macerated roots of Bombax ceiba and fruits of Myristica fragrans.
Puerto Pizarro, Tumbes: Pair perched on a Bombax tree.
Antisickling activity of anthocyanins from Bombax pentadrum, Ficus capensis and Ziziphus mucronata: photodegradation effect.