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a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea

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Newcomer Nithilan has directed and written Kurangu Bombai , a story about the bond shared by a father and son.
Por su fecha de nacimiento, segun la categorizacion del academico Cedomil Goic, Gonzalo Rojas pertenece a la generacion neorrealista de 1942 (junto a Volodia Teitelboim, Nicanor Parra, Carlos Droguett, Maria Luisa Bombai, entre los chilenos), que tambien se conoce como la ogeneracion del 38o.
Alvarado utiliza al final una especie de excurso que dialoga con otras escritoras mujeres del periodo (Mistral, Monvel, Winett de Rokha, Bombai, Maria Carolina Geel) y su contradictoria recepcion critica, con evidentes paralelos a la de Wilms Montt.
In fifth operation, ANF Karachi while striking near Bombai Hotel, Cantt Station, Karachi, arrested a drug supplier identified as Mohammad Ejas resident of Karachi along with 350 gram hashish.
Al-Mesbah talked about history of relations between Kuwait and India, citing the first printing of a collection of Kuwaiti poems in Bombai in 1893.
In a statement to the Bombai stock exchange, Infotech said it had discussed a number of growth strategies for the joint venture, whose revenue had been flat for the last two-three years.