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a noncommissioned officer in the British artillery

the member of a bomber crew responsible for using the bombsight and releasing the bombs on the target

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However, the board switching focus to the growing train building market led to the business winning high value contracts in the second half of the year with Hitachi, Hyundai, Bombadier and Alstom, as well as a lucrative MOD contract.
Bombadier Chris Harvey is serving with 39 Royal Artillery at Main Operating Base Price in Afghanistan.
Seriously, at least it is British and Polish jobs, better than going to Germany to have them built, All they need now is to award future contracts to Bombadier, but they won't.
Thousands of workers are being made redundant the length and breadth of the country right now, from Bombadier the train manufacturers to car plants, engineering firms and the latest hammer blow to Scottish mining, the loss of 600 workers.
Wright, a former Royal Artillery lance bombadier who was the gang's leader, was handed 11 years and three months, while White got six years.
If you're looking for more of a crawl, then head to the Hotel Krone for a cheeky Bombadier - a favourite apres ski drink - then on to the Schneggerei.
Airlines of Papua New Guinea, Bombadier Investigators focus on possible component failure in PNG crash.
2,000 Number of job losses train maker Bombadier is set to announce among its 3,000-strong Derby workforce 20,000 Number of jobs that unions, workers and politicians of all parties fear could be lost down the supply chain pounds 3billion How much the Thameslink contract that Bombadier lost out on to German firm Siemens is worth
In Qatar, a pending order for short-haul Bombadier aircraft could signal the launch of that emirate's first LCC as a division of Qatar Airways, while Eithad has dipped its toes in the water with the launch of economy-only flights to selected short-haul destinations.
China, meanwhile, is going head-to-head with global rivals like Siemens, Japan Railways and Bombadier and winning overseas contracts, among them a recent $13 billion deal to build eight railway lines in Iran and plans for joint construction of a high-speed railway in Kazakhstan.
Lance Bombadier Sally Randell is not the best, but she did a good job steering Oakfield Legend to victory in the Grand Military Gold Cup Chase (3.
It is working on setting up a joint venture with Indian firm Bombadier, one of the largest train manufacturers in the world, and has already received orders totalling pounds 150,000 from the company.