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a sighting device in an aircraft for aiming bombs

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To check out the Bomb Sight map and see how many bombs were dropped on the street where you live click here.
Then we went through ground school and flight school in Texas and learned to run the bomb sights and how to repair them.
And now the extra range would take him into Germany with the bomb sight. Then he wondered how Rhys-Harden intended to get the bomb sight into their hands.
They've retrained bomb sights on to the Islamists, Assad's enemy, but they remain utterly clueless.
a crude weapon" without guidance systems or even bomb sights, Catena said.
The book offers an incredibly specific, yet wide-ranging, focus on instrumentation, gun sights and bomb sights, and cockpit colors and interior designs that will bring a satisfied smile to readers.
La Chapelle Enjuger was in their Norton bomb sights.
Hannibal used elephants as primitive tanks, dogs were armored in the Middle Ages and outfitted with parachutes during World War II, birds carried miniature cameras, and even spiders were used to spin silk for crosshairs on bomb sights. In the recent invasion of Iraq, chickens (part of Operation Kuwaiti Field Chicken, or KFC for short) are serving as "gas detectors," crossing the desert on top of Humvees driven by soldiers and Marines.
Or, in the case of George Dubya Bush (and public opinion willing, Tony Blair) the prime target in the bomb sights.
Employing 2,800 workers, the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) had been a part of Indianapolis since 1942, when tile facility manufactured Norden bomb sights for World War If bombers.
In "Blue Hair" a woman remembers when she was a child and had her hair volunteered for the war effort, to be used in fashioning the crosshairs for bomb sights. In Martone's hands these moments provide more than setting and nostalgia; for him they are golden opportunities for metaphor, chances to open up a time and see how it worked.