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remove the triggering device from


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20 the bomb disposal team, fire engines and ambulances were there as well as the police.
Immediately after contract award DALO expect to place an order for four (4) mini size bomb Disposal Robots.
You pull up with the trailer with the bomb disposal unit, and you use a robot or a hoist on the trailer to load the device in the unit's chamber.
The three-member bomb disposal team was at the spot to neutralize it.
DON'T PANIC: Bomb disposal officers and police at the scene
Army bomb disposal experts took the explosive away and carried out a controlled detonation.
The bomb disposal squad told that the locally manufactured bomb resembled the ones that were used in Buffer Zone, Quaidabad and Super Highway blasts.
The crack teams have been called out on a total of 191 bomb disposal missions in the past nine months.
Mr Meynell was born in Wolverhampton and served with a field park company of Royal Engineers before training in bomb disposal at RAF Manby, Lincolnshire and bringing his section to Coventry.
Danger UXB: The Heroic Story of WWII Bomb Disposal Teams.
A BOMB disposal unit was called to investigate a suspect package outside a Liverpool police station.
Summary: A bomb disposal hero who defused 13 Taliban bombs by hand in 36 hours of continuous activity has been awarded a posthumous George Medal.
The official opening of a field bomb disposal training facility, refurbished with the support of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, took place on Saturday in Kara Jigach village of Alamedin district outside Bishkek.
Army bomb disposal officers were called in to explode rusty Second World War munitions found on farm land in Warwickshire.
A bomb disposal unit and police rushed to the BP plant after a suspicious package was found.