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remove the triggering device from


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A post on social media reported seeing the bomb disposal team and police were in attendance at the incident at the chemical site.
Police with a bomb disposal team at the scene in Hirwaun yesterday
The bomb disposal team left at around 5.30pm and the cordon was lifted.
The idea of using a drone for bomb disposal came from warrant officer Class 1 Hamad Rashid Al Felasi and First Sergeant Mohammed Sulaiman Al Beloushi.
He said: "I saw the police out there last night and then the bomb disposal team lorry at about 7.15am this morning.
A Defence Forces statement said: "An Army Bomb Disposal Team has made safe two viable Improvised Explosive Devices found at a derelict house in the Aughnaskerry area.
A ROYAL Navy bomb disposal unit detonated an unexploded World War II ordnance near the Severn Crossing.
The road was brought to a standstill as police officers, firefighters and a bomb disposal unit made their way to the site of a multi-million pound development.
Following the nylon bag was detonated by bomb disposal experts there has been found an empty bin and a paper tissue bag in it.
Peshawar: A roadside bomb on Monday killed a senior bomb disposal officer along with two other policemen in Pakistan's troubled northwest, police said.
The bomb disposal team had reached the spot and they are investigating," Assistant Superintendent of Police Akash Meghariya said.
After an initial examination of the device by police officers, army bomb disposal officers were called in.
But shocking figures show that Army Bomb Disposal teams have also been called out to 95 hoax devices.
Mr Meynell was born in Wolverhampton and served with a field park company of Royal Engineers before training in bomb disposal at RAF Manby, Lincolnshire and bringing his section to Coventry.