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genus of tall leafy perennial herbs of eastern America and eastern Asia having flowers that resemble asters

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* CUT BACK PERENNIALS like Asters, Boltonia and Joe-Pye weed after their first round of summer flowers.
Mature plants of Boltonia decurrens are from 1.5 m to 2 m tall, and flower from July through October.
This laboratory experiment compared the survival and growth of Boltonia decurrens with an early successional winter annual, Conyza canadensis (as Erigeron canadensis L.) Cronquist (Asteraceae), during a period of root zone saturation and investigated morphological adaptations which might enhance this survival.
Boltonia is another adaptable plant for a wet or dry spot in full sun.
The decurrent false aster (Boltonia decurrens) once flowered profusely along the banks of the Illinois River Valley.
Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'Her.: False aster; August; field; sparse; USIH 927.
Better garden centers offer lesser-known, but just as beautiful, plants like Boltonia with white or pink daisylike flowers; turtlehead with blooms resembling snapdragons on steroids in white or pink; and toad lilies with small, orchid-like, spotted flowers in shades of purple, maroon and white held on arching stems.
Once, clouds of a unique wildflower, the decurrent false aster (Boltonia decurrens), lined the banks of the Illinois River, but the construction of a system of locks and dams has nearly eliminated the plant's habitat.
If you prefer to shop for perennials from home, several Northern California specialty nurseries offer perennials such as boltonia and Nictotiana sylvestris by mail.
Agastache, Alchemilla, Alonsoa, Asphodeline lutea, Boltonia asteroides, Chrysanthemum gayanum, Coreopsis rosea, Origanum laevigatum `Hopley's', O.
If your garden is sunny, let Snowbank, or Boltonia asteroids, sparkle toward the back of the border.
Order seeds of Boltonia asteroides now for spring planting and September bloom.
This is best accomplished either now, in late winter or in early spring.DonAAEt divide perennials that are still flowering, like New York ironweed, Joe-Pye weed, New England asters, boltonias, autumn joy sedums and chrysanthemums.
Also ignore for now any crowded asters, boltonias, tall sedums, goldenrods and other fall bloomers, simply because you wouldn't want to interrupt their autumn show.