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He wrote: "Someone is going around with a pair of bolt cutters cutting the swing chains off.
"I was under some pressure to get up and I remembered that there were bolt cutters in PureGym and asked to borrow them.
Evans told police when he was caught with bolt cutters and a stash of amphetamines that he was desperate to pay off a PS100 debt to a drugs gang.
AN AUDACIOUS breakout attempt at a Midland jail saw bolt cutters being flown to prisoners using a drone.
It's a noble plan and a pair of bolt cutters is all that's required to carry it out.
He quickly removes a pair of bolt cutters from his jacket before getting to work on the bike lock.
In one episode in July he attempted to sever a detective sergeant's fingers using bolt cutters.
David and Robbie Hicks needed emergency surgery after they were kicked, punched and hit over the head with bolt cutters. Their 78-year-old mother, Marianne, was grabbed from behind and dragged across the floor in her home.
News reports said the three used bolt cutters on the fences.
James, 27, from Wick, Caithness, survived despite being nailed to a piece of wood and having body parts cut off with bolt cutters.
They used bolt cutters to remove the clothes horse after being called at 9.30pm on Sunday.
Bolt cutters, window pane removers and even an Arc slicer, which can cut, burn or pierce virtually any material, are all on sale through a new website, the Daily Mail reports.
`The Bolt Cutters' also gives us a sense of the inner man as he moves through the worlds of work, loss, life changes, sweat and celebration."