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Synonyms for Bolshevik

emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party


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of or relating to Bolshevism

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It seemed, for a moment, as though the country were staggering under the assault of the savage Bolshevist beast.
An American freelance journalist, Dorothy Thompson (1893-1961), made an interesting observation about an unforeseen consequence of the revolution in a commentary titled "LAND POLICY OF BOLSHEVISTS FAILS TO SPUR COMMUNISM" (Toronto Star, 10 March 1928), written shortly after visiting the Soviet Union.
Hakopian (Persia) and Margoulies (Russia) were suspected of having bolshevist convictions: Documents concerning AECO, inv.
The editors of Der Gegner supported the Bolshevist revolution in Russia and published a number of articles which glorified the 'new life' in the Soviet Union.
This Bobola's miracle has been demonstrated by the Bolshevists in an ironic way.
My great-grandfather left Ukraine in 1906, where he could foresee no future except as cannon fodder for either the czars or the Bolshevists.
and even told the hangman that "The Bolshevists will one day hang you.
The struggle against the bolshevists and communists and the popular claims against the German elites was seen by quite a number of former radical liberals in 1932 as resembling the struggle against Ultramontanism in the period of the Kulturkampf.
There must be no stopping until the IWW agitators, Bolshevists and other friends of the enemy in the West cleaned out.
Can it be contended that there is no way in which a state can prevent the entire education of a considerable portion of its future citizens being controlled and conducted by bolshevists, syndicalists and communists?
He appears to interfere with family life more than the Bolshevists do, and to do it in the name of the sacredness of the family.
It has long been known that the Bolshevists have an eye--a very wide open eye--on India.
Paderewski, who well recognized his great debt to the Americans, immediately responded to Hoover's inquiry, but he insisted that the Pinsk affair was an execution of Bolshevists, traitors against the Polish cause, not a pogrom against Jews.
Despite his claim that the Isma ilis' principle of "knowledge and work" as the means for personal happiness "is what was advocated, after hundreds of years, by [Ferdinand] LaSalle and [Karl] Marx, and what has become today the motto of the Bolshevists in Russia" (p.
As he explained in a letter to the Gannett family: "The papers of the Twin Cities are filled with editorials and articles asserting that Nonpartisans [sic] are free lovers, atheists, bolshevists and all the other wicked ists.