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Synonyms for Bolshevik

emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party


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of or relating to Bolshevism

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It seemed, for a moment, as though the country were staggering under the assault of the savage Bolshevist beast.
One such news item, datelined Berlin (Edmonton Journal, 6 April 1923), revealed that "[s]erious conflicts in the Ukraine between Bolshevist troops and peasants are reported in despatches ...
Hakopian (Persia) and Margoulies (Russia) were suspected of having bolshevist convictions: Documents concerning AECO, inv.
The editors of Der Gegner supported the Bolshevist revolution in Russia and published a number of articles which glorified the 'new life' in the Soviet Union.
As such, the powerful Tatmadaw Generals have nothing meaningful to say on Union Day, except to utter empty cliches about "national unity." The twist is that the main founder of the Union of Burma Bogyoke Aung San was assassinated even before independence by non other than a Myanmar and the section of Myanmar army label as PVO (People's Volunteer Organization) rebelled, then followed by the Myanmar Red Flag (the Troskyist) and later by the White Flag Communists (the Bolshevists).
According to research by Benjamin Marquez, in 1928 Perales said, "the best remedy that Uncle Sam could invent for radicals and bolshevists in the United States would be to ship them to Nicaragua, all expenses paid and keep them there for six months.
MacLean's visit was reported locally under the headline "Bolshevists in Lewis" and he was given a rough ride.
Bolshevists" by dismissing claims on a "technicality,"
During World War I, a few excited Reed students, following certain newspapers in doubting the patriotism of everybody but themselves, circulated a petition in favor of expulsion of all "Bolshevists" from the college.
They were incarcerated at Alipur Central Jail, though the authorities pressed for their transfer to the Ahmednagar military internment camp, which already contained 'prisoners of this type of Bolshevists'.
Examples cited by Hayes include Mussolini and his followers, the Russian Bolshevists and the German National Socialists.
The author's time period coincides with the original "Red Scare" of the late 1910s and 1920s, as the Bolshevists consolidated power in Russia and began exerting international influence through labor organizations and foreign policy.
(33) The "disappearance" of Jews was carefully registered in the reports, which also contain references to the redistribution of property of murdered Jews and to the culling of racially and politically undesirable Germans (mixed marriages, suspected Bolshevists).
This Bobola's miracle has been demonstrated by the Bolshevists in an ironic way.