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of or relating to Bolshevism

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In an editorial "Still More Threatening" it announced "Government representatives in Winnipeg have accepted the view which The World has all along taken that the strike has been fomented by the Bolshevistic or 'One Big Union' element in the West." (47) On June 3 The Globe's lead editorial was "Banish The Bolshie." (48) After the June 17 arrests of the Strike leaders The Telegram's editorial was "Rounding Up The Gang." In it the comment was "The ringleaders and inciters of anarchy are being rounded up ...
Additionally, accusations that the League was bolshevistic and treasonous are away at its support.
According to one critical senator, an ILO thus premised was likely to "provide a nursery for the germination, sprouting and dissemination of socialistic and bolshevistic doctrines." These doctrines, according to another senator, were nothing but "hell in the hearts of men," and they could only be effaced through "an act of God ...
In final analysis, it is submitted, the enactment in suit is in consonance only with the communistic and bolshevistic ideals now obtaining in Russia, and not with those of free government and American conceptions of liberty.
It is a case of destroying the bolshevistic disease or being destroyed by it." To further justify the army's action against so-called enemies of the state, Paderewski concluded rather insensitively, "in such warfare the application of means of securing for the army and the population becomes at times incompatible with the desire of safeguarding every individual Jew."(27)