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Synonyms for Bolshevist

a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party


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of or relating to Bolshevism

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This state of polarized public opinion entitled certain groups--like the Bolshevists in Russia--to take over the reins of government.
The project that emerged was no longer "national Bolshevist," but rather "Thaw nationalist.
The Soviets concluded their two-day celebration of the Thirty-seventh anniversary of the Bolshevist [sic] revolution by staging two events which illustrate again the difference between their words and deeds.
One such news item, datelined Berlin (Edmonton Journal, 6 April 1923), revealed that "[s]erious conflicts in the Ukraine between Bolshevist troops and peasants are reported in despatches .
Nabokov reveals these tumultuous political environments in the foreword to the English translation of Invitation that he: "composed the Russian original exactly a quarter of a century ago in Berlin, some fifteen years after escaping from the Bolshevist regime, and just before the Nazi regime reached its full volume of welcome.
Hakopian (Persia) and Margoulies (Russia) were suspected of having bolshevist convictions: Documents concerning AECO, inv.
The editors of Der Gegner supported the Bolshevist revolution in Russia and published a number of articles which glorified the 'new life' in the Soviet Union.
A young Jew becomes a ghost writer for a mediocre member of the Bolshevist Party; the Stalinist kills the writer and his shadow writer probably ends fighting the Nazi Einzengruppen.
However, the rhetoric of the strike leaders, some of whom had called for the end of capitalism by whatever means necessary, as well as the presence of so many eastern European 'aliens' in Winnipeg made it much easier to sell the public and the government on the idea that the strike might actually be the precursor to a Bolshevist coup.
After Rosenbluth, now out of the Army and working for President Herbert Hoover's American Relief Administration, visited the Soviet Union, the Independent "speculated that he might have committed the murder in his capacity of Bolshevist Jew agitator.
Karjaharm and Luts see simplicity in the Bolshevist logic--anything that did not serve the objectives of annexation had to be destroyed.
Let us reflect on what this means in the case of the most renowned of living American philosophers, Professor John Dewey, whose influence is all-pervasive in our education and extends even to China and Bolshevist Russia.
He believed that rigorous testing, especially of locomotives, could yield greater operating efficiencies, yet he was thwarted by the unwillingness of either the tsarist or the Bolshevist governments to build a locomotive testing plant.
He labors under the belief or affects to believe [that] to be a Bolshevist is to be a Jew," Recht insisted, "and that accordingly, all of his views of Soviet issues are colored by this anti-Jewish phobia.
Bolshevist invasion of June 1919, it was again the Slovak Jews who