Bologna sausage

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork


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The bologna sandwich became ubiquitous in school lunches --and not just in brown paper sacks.
But, I was not here for the ordinary, and I went straight for the almost irresistible thing on the menu, a fried bologna sandwich.
A bologna sandwich on white bread is no longer a lunchbox staple, thanks to the proliferation of more exotic lunchtime options ranging from stir-fry vegetables in pita bread to pizza, so it's easy to see why offering an assortment of light, lean and fat-free items has become a critical ingredient in marketing processed luncheon meats.
LOUIS -- Nothing conjures up the memories of youth and the comforts of home quite like a classic bologna sandwich.
During his travels in Texas, Mike received a fair amount of recommendations for Central BBQ, where he has been told the bologna sandwich "is to die for.
This is fine dining, but where else will you find a grilled bologna sandwich on a white-tablecloth menu?
Trust me, if you can build a bologna sandwich, you can build a set of these.
There are 40 boys living there, ages 6 months to 18 years, and the main meal of the day is a bologna sandwich,'' said Roger Kmiecik of the Warner Center club.
I have two cute granddaughters: Leda and Delaney McConaha, aged 5 and 3, respectively Recently, Leda said she wanted a trail bologna sandwich for lunch.
Some of Keith's favorite recipes include a fried bologna sandwich made with thick cut bologna seared with onions and American cheese, served on garlic grilled Texas toast; a pulled-pork sandwich made with shredded slow-roasted pork shoulder tossed in Toby's barbeque sauce, topped with crispy coleslaw and served on a soft potato roll; and a tasty side of classic "freedom fries.
There's a full line of sandwiches, burgers, and po'boys, but you would be remiss to leave without giving the fried bologna sandwich a try.
I don't think the taxpayers should ever be billed for anything more expensive than a bologna sandwich and no alcohol ever,'' Vosburgh said.
The Cheese Shop opens early Thursday through Saturday and is open daily for lunch and early dinners, making it a perfect spot to stop in and enjoy a homemade baked good, an old-fashioned bologna sandwich (made with artisan veal bologna), or a cheese plate.
I made a bologna sandwich one night, and every time I went to take a bite, the phone rang.
A wonderful role model for all us Wonder Bread, bologna sandwich kids growing up in the lame, tame '50s.