Bologna sausage

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork


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The bologna sandwich became ubiquitous in school lunches --and not just in brown paper sacks.
Employed by American Airlines for 38 years as an airplane mechanic, he always took both a cheese and a bologna sandwich for lunch.
Expect pretty amazing food, from a killer fried bologna sandwich to a marinated filet mignon served with fried mashed potatoes.
During his travels in Texas, Mike received a fair amount of recommendations for Central BBQ, where he has been told the bologna sandwich "is to die for."
Is it OK for him to have an occasional hot dog or bologna sandwich?
Trust me, if you can build a bologna sandwich, you can build a set of these.
Wednesday: Bologna sandwich, cheese, pickles, chips, fruit snacks
This is fine dining, but where else will you find a grilled bologna sandwich on a white-tablecloth menu?
There's a full line of sandwiches, burgers, and po'boys, but you would be remiss to leave without giving the fried bologna sandwich a try.
The Cheese Shop opens early Thursday through Saturday and is open daily for lunch and early dinners, making it a perfect spot to stop in and enjoy a homemade baked good, an old-fashioned bologna sandwich (made with artisan veal bologna), or a cheese plate.
He runs Art of the Dawg Enterprises, which is a food truck serving lemon shake-ups and high-quality all-beef hot dogs, plus specialty items like his pecan-smoked barbecue bologna sandwiches.
A legendary eatery in town, Cooley's has been serving up old-fashioned hamburgers, bologna sandwiches, and more for three generations.
And at 3 p.m., there will be a bologna eating contest to see who can eat the most bologna sandwiches in five minutes.
The plaintiffs say the only compensation they received were "daily bologna sandwiches and a bunk-bed in a cramped dorm room."