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a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines)

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Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollards, garage lighters, vandal resistant, exit and emergency, high bay, T5HO high bay, low bay, linear fluorescent, and grow light fixtures.
After the three-month fight, council workmen have dug up the bollards.
Around a dozen vans were stranded when the bollards on Northumberland Street jammed - meaning no vehicles could get in to, or out of, the street.
Around a dozen vans were stranded when the bollards on Northumberland Street jammed for hours - meaning no vehicles could get into, or out of, the street.
Workmen were seen repairing the bollards on Newport Road in the town centre earlier this week.
The contract concerns the monitoring, maintenance, servicing and repair of traffic light installations and automatic retractable bollards.
At the end of a 13-day trial, a jury found the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, who run the show, guilty of failing to maintain the bollards properly so they did not risk overturning.
I stand by the post master who is concerned how his business will be affected by the bollards.
Bollards are rigid posts used by municipalities to ensure perimeter security, control and direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic, or add to architectural appeal.
Dawn Enterprises' concrete bollards can be found online at http://www.
Government design guidelines describe how "keep left" bollards should appear where they highlight a permanent obstruction in the road.
TWO teen entrepreneurs have found the answer to soaring university fees - by painting roadside bollards.
MORE than 130 security bollards are being erected outside a courthouse which was targeted by bombers three weeks ago.
With this downsized approach came a minimalist, three-prong lighting solution: custom, "half-height" bollards around the site complemented by small wall grazers to downlight the brick walls and plaques, and in-grade uplights behind each monument.
Two police officers were inside when it drove over the bollards in Bold Street and one of them shot back up.