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a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines)

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The bollards have been erected on pavements outside Village Primary School, Thornaby, after criticism of parking.
There has been some speculation that the bollards are an anti-terror measure after recent attacks using vehicles in London, Barcelona and Berlin.
5 million commitment in the September Capital Plan for permanent bollards in Times Square, and will commit in excess of $50 million to commence the broader rollout of new protective measures in public spaces, including 1,500 new bollards as part of an initial installation phase.
Gibraltar, a manufacturer of anti-ram vehicle barriers used across the globe, has received a contract to provide bollards to be installed on Las Vegas Boulevard to protect pedestrians from straying vehicles.
Darius Khanloo, managing director, Hormann Middle East and Africa, said: "These bollards allow for automatic lifting and lowering by integrated hydraulic operator and come with the option of Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) function.
The eight bollards were put outside Iver Junior School and Iver Infant School and Nursery, Bucks.
Gill Main, business development manager at BLT, said: "People don't realise the importance of quayside bollards until they fail - they are often in place for 50, 60 or more years.
After the three-month fight, council workmen have dug up the bollards.
At the end of a 13-day trial, a jury found the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, who run the show, guilty of failing to maintain the bollards properly so they did not risk overturning.
Access Fixtures lighting specialists recommended 189w LED flood lights for the parking lot, 12w LED square bollards for pathways and gardens, and 12w vandal resistant landscape luminaires to up-light palm trees and signs.
The bollards look as they are in place to stop ram raiders and spoil the look of a rural village.
Canada, has been selected to supply the cast ductile iron bollards that will protect the pedestrian pathway in the newly renovated Calgary Central Memorial Park.
com)-- Dawn Enterprises, leading manufacturer of concrete & steel outdoor site furnishings, was chosen to supply concrete bollards for M&T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, in Baltimore, MD.
But now, design experts say most of the "keep left" bollards in our urban areas could be removed without affecting road safety.
TWO teen entrepreneurs have found the answer to soaring university fees - by painting roadside bollards.