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Of course, none of that might have troubled Bolivians while the economy was roaring and jobs were plenty.
Even though the Bolivians had an advantage in manpower, their soldiers--mostly Indians from the mountainous western regions of the country--had trouble adapting to the hot, arid conditions common to the Chaco.
The author considers how Bolivians, Japanese, and other outsiders such as herself adopt different strategies in order to make this music their own; she argues that all of them, including the Bolivians (most of whom are mestizos rather than indigenous), are playing "someone else's music" (p.
Bolivian President Evo Morales has personally apologized for having met with Iran's defense minister, according to the leader of an Argentine Jewish group.
Despite these efforts, convictions of trafficking offenders remained disproportionately low compared with high numbers of trafficking victims identified by Bolivian authorities.
Due to surging demand, Bolivians can no longer afford a traditional staple
Thus, Goodale is certainly correct to avoid characterizing the optimistic testimony of marginalized Bolivians as false consciousness.
But now Ireland South Labour MEP Alan Kelly has vowed to push the European Parliament into pressuring the Bolivians to co-operate with an international investigation.
He interpreted my quest for Bolivians as a quest for cocaine and endorsed the denial of Bolivian existence, claiming to be able to procure the substance for me himself; when he was less certain about his ability to procure uranium, I crossed the street.
Last year, opposition groups launched violent protests against a new constitution promoted by Morales that gives more power to indigenous Bolivians.
THE new James Bond movie sparked a fresh row yesterday when it was accused of branding Bolivians drug traffickers.
THE new James Bond film Quantum Of Solace sparked a row yesterday, when it was accused of branding Bolivians drug traffickers.
More than 90% of Bolivians who have heard of global warming believe it is a somewhat serious or very serious threat.
The Bolivians were insulting, they offended us, entering Petrobras [installations] with soldiers.
It brings hope to indigenous Bolivians, who have been marginalised and exploited over centuries, and to many outside Bolivia who are also struggling for a just and equal world.