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The first step involved a plan to levy special fees on Bolivians studying at universities in Argentina, where public schools are tuition-free at all levels.
Furthermore, we must bear in mind that the Bolivian population is one of the most numerous among the current migration flows in Brazil, and largely concentrated in Sao Paulo (14-16).
Fifty years ago, Che Guevara and his ragtag army were cornered by Bolivian and U.S forces, in central Bolivia.
Most Bolivian cocaine is exported to other Latin American countries, especially Brazil, for domestic consumption or for onward transit to West Africa and Europe, rather than to the United States.
It's not clear how good a deal this has been for Bolivians. Several of China's Bolivia projects were awarded by no-bid contracts (including six of the seven signed with the firm that hired Morales's ex-girlfriend).
Even though the Bolivians had an advantage in manpower, their soldiers--mostly Indians from the mountainous western regions of the country--had trouble adapting to the hot, arid conditions common to the Chaco.
The following chapters pay more attention to the relations of Bolivians and Japanese to the United States as an imperial power.
Bolivian President Evo Morales has personally apologized for having met with Iran's defense minister, according to the leader of an Argentine Jewish group.
Despite these efforts, convictions of trafficking offenders remained disproportionately low compared with high numbers of trafficking victims identified by Bolivian authorities.
Due to surging demand, Bolivians can no longer afford a traditional staple
Thus, Goodale is certainly correct to avoid characterizing the optimistic testimony of marginalized Bolivians as false consciousness.
As a result, the ATPDEA has become a symbol of existing political conflict between, for example, indigenous and "white" Bolivians, and between the rich and the poor.
According to the Bolivians, Dwyer, 24, was part of a plot to kill their president, far left leader Evo Morales.
BOLIVIANS pray in front of decorated skulls in a church during the Day of Skulls at the General Cemetery in La Paz.