Machupo virus

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the RNA virus that causes Bolivian hemorrhagic fever

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Natural nidality in Bolivian hemorrhagic fever and the systematics of the reservoir species.
natalensis is the only host of Lassa virus, natural nidality may occur in a similar fashion as that described for Bolivian hemorrhagic fever caused by Machupo virus.
Infections and conditions requiring containment care during transport Arenavirus infection Argentine hemorrhagic fever (Junin virus) Bolivian hemorrhagic fever (Machupo virus) Brazilian hemorrhagic fever (Sabia virus) Lassa fever Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever (Guanarito virus) Bunyavirus infection Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever Filovirus infection Ebola Marburg Orthopoxvirus infection Monkeypox Variola Pneumonic plague until sputum cultures are negative Any unknown virulent communicable disease pending diagnosis Suspected biological-warfare--caused infection