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a native or inhabitant of Bolivia

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His devastated mother Caroline met the Bolivian Foreign Affairs Minister and Defence Minister in Dublin on Saturday night.
The two met at Quemado Palace, Bolivian president's official residence, where they discussed various topics concerning bilateral relations, including commerce, environment and legal issues.
Shortly thereafter, the counternarcotics unit within the Bolivian Police, in coordination with the U.
The Bolivian government has received expressions of interest from six nations whose industries want to build a Bolivian Earth observation satellite as part of a $100 million program that should result in a launch in 2017.
In a meeting with the Bolivian president in Santa Cruz on Saturday, the Iranian official reiterated that the developing countries need to take long strides to ensure their growth and development, and called for harmonizing efforts to this end.
Bolivian troops had uniform webbing gear, knapsacks and canteens while the Paraguayans--much like Confederate soldiers during our Civil War--usually carried their gear and meager personal possessions in blanket rolls slung over their shoulders while dried hollow gourds served as canteens.
She expands this notion of intimate distance as she analyzes her own involvement as a United States citizen playing Bolivian music in Japan.
Speaking to supporters in Cochabamba, where a number of South American leaders were meeting to show solidarity with the Bolivian president after his delayed return home, Morales was quoted as saying "We do not need the US embassy.
The State department defended the of USAID role in the country, claiming the agency aims to "establish a relationship based on mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation" with the Bolivian government.
Morales accused the agency of seeking to "conspire against" the Bolivian people and his government.
PNN On Wednesday 3rd April, the Palestine Monetary Authority Governor, Jihad al-Wazir, discussed with the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, the potentials of cooperation between Palestine and Bolivia; as part of the 'South-to-South' cooperation program, which targets fields of tourism, agriculture and financial and banking services.
Summary: Scores of Corinthians fans staged a protest outside the Bolivian consulate here Saturday to demand .
Most Bolivian cocaine flows to other Latin American countries, especially Brazil, for domestic consumption or onward transit to West Africa and Europe.
has accused the Bolivian Government of harassing and arresting two of its female managers and confiscating its equipment after it ended a 2.
Cuban doctors have performed over 600,000 eye surgeries in Bolivia over the past five years as part of the Operation Miracle free-eye-surgery program, according to Bolivian health authorities, reports South Journal (Sept.