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On November 22, 2018, the Arbitral Tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration issued an award (the 'Award'), ordering Bolivia to provide compensation to SASL in the amount of US$18.7 million (the 'Compensation') and to pay interest thereon running from August 1, 2012 to the date of payment of the Compensation.
The government also approved an MoU between India and Bolivia in the field of traditional systems of medicine and homeopathy.
The Iranian president pointed to the common stances of Iran and Bolivia against arrogant powers, and warned that the US is hatching more plots against the developing countries.
In May 2014, Bolivia transferred control of its Financial Investigative Unit (UIF) from Bolivia's financial regulatory body to the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance in order to give the UIF greater independence.
In Bolivia, only around 30 percent of the potential financing demand for SMEs is being currently met despite by the banking sector.
According to the company, using its high-density, scalable video infrastructure solutions, Entel Bolivia can now deliver 124 SD MPEG-4 AVC, 20 HD MPEG-4 AVC, and 30 radio channels with high bandwidth efficiency.
Al cumplirse 10 anos del inicio de las actividades de ABIMA con los congresos de mamiferos, entre el 13 y 15 de mayo de 2015 se realizo el Septimo Congreso de Mamiferos de Bolivia, que se realizo por primera vez en la ciudad de Sucre, organizado por la nueva carrera de Biologia, la carrera de Recursos Naturales de la Universidad San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca y la Fundacion Cohabitar, junto a ABIMA.
The issue of Bolivia reclaiming access to the sea from Chile may again be discussed by Bolivian President Evo Morales at the seventh Summit of the Americas, due to open in Panama City on April 10, sources said.
Cafe Ideal is widely available in urban and rural areas of Bolivia, and it remains one of the most affordable brands.
President Abbas stressed that for many years Palestine has been a gateway for friendly nations to expand their relations with the rest of the Arab world and that this would not be the different in the case of Bolivia.
Vu Van Mih suggested that the cooperation between Vietnam and Bolivia could be further be increased in the field of textiles, gas and minerals.
Moody's Latin America has today assigned Banco de Credito de Bolivia S.A.
More information about Bolivia is available on the Bolivia Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.
Officials from the governments of Chile and Bolivia met on Wednesday to discuss a way for Bolivia to access the Pacific Ocean.