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the basic unit of money in Venezuela

Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule

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Probation officer Mike Boliver told Macclesfield Magistrates' Court: "He was very clear when talking to me this has been a very salutary lesson.
Mike Boliver, Probation Service officer, told the court: "Mr Tevez would welcome a chance to put something back into the community.
Probation Service officer Mike Boliver said of Tevez: " "Mr Tevez would welcome a chance to put something back into the community.
But according to Dr Vikki Boliver, a lecturer at Durham University's School of Applied Social Science, part of the problem was also down to the admissions process.
Measuring 'relative' social mobility involves comparing rates at which those from 'lower down' move up, compared to how many 'higher up' fall down; and as Vikki Boliver and David Byrne recently argue, not only has there been 'little if any sign of [people] becoming any more equal over time' but with a crumbling middle class, 'upward mobility increasingly necessitates downward mobility'.
One explanation widely cited by politicians and the press can, however, be dismissed--the (near) abolition of grammar schools; Boliver and Swift (2011) show that for the 1958 cohort comprehensive schools performed overall at least as well as grammar schools in terms of social mobility, individual examples to the contrary notwithstanding.
Similarly, Labour has sharpened its rhetoric against the introduction of markets into public services, but here too its attack is blunted by its own legacy (see Leys and Player in this issue) and still unsettled debates about the role of the state, universalism, and public service 'reform' (see Boliver and Swift, and Parvin, in this issue).
Vikki Boliver, from the Department of Social Sciences at Bath Spa University, said the study was the first of its type to analyse the full range of schools by including secondary moderns.
We would also like to acknowledge and thank our key contact people in each of these organizations for helping to facilitate data collection: Mona Pinder and Margaret Sevcik from the Calgary Health Region; Laurie Thompson, Jan Byrd, and Juliet Cummins from the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety; Pauline MacDonald from Capital Health; Darlene Boliver from the IWK Health Centre; and Nan Brooks from the University Health Network.
The flight path took her over Boliver Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, and her instructors "Smudge" and "Boom," Air Combat Team members, guided the mission from take off to touch down.
Dawn Boliver, of Richmond Croft, will be presented with a Good Citizen Award after coming to the aid of a police officer.
Groomsmen were Stan Bates and Randy Porter of Columbus; Reid Carpenter and Josh Westmoreland of Tupelo; David Doleac of Jackson; Gary Rodgers of Boliver, Tennessee; and Chad Ross of Brownsville, Tennessee.
En la Sala Chopin se cumplieron y celebraron las 800 representaciones del espectaculo Los monologos de la vagina, de Eve Ensler (traduccion de Susana Moscatel y Erick Merino), dirigido por Abby Epstein y con un reparto multiestelar encabezado por las primeras actrices mexicanas Lilia Aragon, Adriana Roel, Sofia Alvarez, y jovenes talentosas como Stephanie Salas, Pilar Boliver, Ana Karina Guevara, Jana Raluy, Andrea Legarreta y la popular locutora especializada en sexologia Anabel Ochoa, aunque tambien participaron primeras figuras como Ofelia Guilmain y Susana Alexander en breves temporadas.
Boliver has created costumes for shows all around the world, from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, South America to Asia.