Simon Bolivar

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Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule

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Though still in the developmental stages, the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA) points to a different model of regional integration.
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela elected him president again in 2000.
The statement by the Venezuelan President came while addressing a rally organised in Caracas, both by his supporters as well as the people in support of the opposition leader and National Assembly President Juan Guaido, celebrating 20 years of the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Cuba's representative at the summit, Fernando Gonzalez said the Bolivarian Revolution has focused its work on the integration and rapprochement of the international community to face the hegemonic power of the United States.
Not only is Chavez a close friend and ideological soulmate of Fidel Castro, he also reportedly has Cuban advisers helping to train his Bolivarian circles.
The countries that make up the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, ALBA, rejected the US interventionist threats against Venezuela, TeleSUR reported.
Published in the official journal number 6.298, the text explained that the measure means to "defend and guarantee citizens a dignified life, to protect them against threats, to maintain the constitutional order, to restore the social peace that guarantees an opportune access to basic goods and services, so they can enjoy their rights in an environment of peace and stability." Article 236 of the Bolivarian Constitution allows Venezuela's head of state to prolong a 60-day state of emergency, allowing the government to implement exceptional measures in the realm of economic production and food distribution.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said St Vincent & the Grenadines has been accepted as the seventh country to join the Bolivarian Alternative for The Americas (ALBA), reports ACN (April 20, 2009).
It was from there that he witnessed the momentous social and political events that Venezuelan President Chavez has dubbed the "Bolivarian Revolution," from the "Caracazo" anti-IMF rebellion of 1989 through the failed coup against Chavez in 2002.
Eager to punish the anti-government business community that took part in a two-month strike--and to bolster support for his self-styled "Bolivarian revolution," named after Venezuelan patriot Simon Bolivar--Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has vowed "not one single dollar for coup-mongers." Importers are petrified, Venezuela imports 60% of its retail goods, and dollars are the lifeblood of business, "We importers expect to be hit, because we aren't 'Bolivarians" says Pablo Herrera, owner of bicycle importer PHD Repuestos.
In February 1992, the former paratrooper, who had formed with fellow military officers the secret Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement (MBR) to plot the overthrow of the government, launched a violent but unsuccessful coup attempt in which 18 people were killed.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Socialist Venezuelans took to the streets in the capital city Caracas to protest the right-wing political campaign to roll back the country's Bolivarian Revolution led by former President Hugo Chavez.
Cuba will mine gold and copper-zinc deposits in the central province of Villa Clara under the framework of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) agreement, reports the weekly newspaper Trabajadores (Nov.