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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers wanted to rest Suarez last October following two qualifiers against Argentina and Boliva, which required the 26 year old to make one trip to South America, coupled with one internal journey.
The germination percentage of cebil found in this work was high (75%) and consistent with values reported in other studies (68-82%) for conspecifics from Brazil and Boliva (Justiniano & Fredericksen 1998).
The January show included exhibitors from countries including Afghanistan, Boliva, Egypt, India, Peru, Pakistan and Vietnam.
Axelrad, "Modeling GPS phase multipath with SNR: case study from the Salar de Uyuni, Boliva," Journal of Geophysical Research 5,vol.
[2] Herbario Nacional de Bolivia, Campus Universitario, Cotacota, calle 27 s/n, Casilla 3-35121 La Paz, Boliva.
Dichos valores son similares a los calculados para China y la India (Hsieh y Klenow, 2009a), y muy por arriba de los porcentajes (entre 50 y 60) reportados en Pages (2010) con datos muestrales para Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Boliva y Venezuela.
Building Bridges Collective (2010), Spaces for Movement: Reflections from Boliva on Climate Justice, Social Movements and the State, Building Bridges Collective.
Desde una vision de larga duracion tal como nos la proporciona Murra, no sorprende que en el actual escenario politico de Boliva exista una relacion estrecha entre las practicas convivenciales (Illich 1978) de un sector importante de la poblacion y las dinamicas insubordinantes que surgieron desde esos mismos grupos (Lazar 2008).
It manifested itself in domestic politics from the Chiapas region in Mexico in 1994 to Ecuador, Peru, Boliva and Chile."
The Service also said earlier this month that it had cut a deal with La Razn of La Paz, Boliva, for the Spanish-language daily to publish a New York Times-based weekly supplement.
EVO Morales became a coca farmer when his family moved to Boliva's lowlands.